B+A Bulletin #224 – Permaculture, Prose Before Bros, Spirits Rising & Merce Cunningham.

B+A Bulletin #224 – Permaculture, Prose Before Bros, Spirits Rising & Merce Cunningham.

B+A Breaking

Hi hi hi there.

These three? Elliot, Giulia & Ade? What they doing?? Why, they’re honing-in on Question #1!

WHAT is going on in the world around us? 

Not sure what i’m talking about when I say “Question #1”? Well.. maybe it’s time you watch this video!

Got alotta cool stuff to share today and I’m very excited about all of it so here we go !

B+A Babble

Permaculture might be familiar a concept to our green-fingered readers. Not you? Well…Nic will *hopefully* be a qualified PD (Permaculture Designer) by the end of 2020! She’s convinced us that we can all benefit from understanding its principles.

“I think of ‘Permaculture’ as consciously designing systems that create permanence in culture. That’s any culture: farms, communities, homes, cities. It’s not just a horticulture framework—it’s about designing life with wholeness and sustainability in mind. Whilst I’d love to practice this on a farm one day, you can design your kitchen, your herb garden or your business in accordance to permaculture design.”

What are some ways to begin thinking with this framework? 1. Know what you want to happen in a particular space. 2. Observe the space over time & note what happens there. 3. Identify the inputs (what enters) and the outputs (what leaves). 4. Find others whose outputs match your inputs, and those inputs that require your outputs.

Tickled? Wanna know more?! Hit Nic up: [email protected]

B+A Brilliance

Here in Portland, we’re also diving into the sublime being of The Natural. This week Tamika spent some tranquil hours at the Japanese Garden.

“As the plants wake up from their winter sleep, our gardeners are ready to welcome spring and a new year of growth.” – Hugo Tori, Director of Ground Maintenance at Portland Japanese Garden.

In addition to the gardens themselves, the PJG hosts art exhibitions, combining the natural with the human-born. Currently on is, Spirits Rising: ひろしま / hiroshima, by Ishiuchi Miyako.

Miyako excels in capturing the haunting beauty of decay and loss post-Hiroshima. She created 33 evocative images. Images of those who perished – things that at one time touched skin and bodies. Moving beyond forensic documentation, she purposefully creates no context forcing us to think about who these individuals really were.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2 Portland Japanese Garden is celebrating the “Year of Peace”.

Plan your visit to the Japanese Gardens here.

B+A Big Up

Have you heard of Prose Before Bros? Well. Michelle Obama is a fan!

Prose Before Bros is a non-traditional book club founded by Nanea Woods, the PR director at Wieden & Kennedy Portland.

Prose Before Bros began in 2018 with only 8 readers. Now? There are over 86 members! And growing! PBB fosters a space that centers the voices of WOC, making them the default rather than the afterthought. At Prose Before Bros bookclubs, you don’t just lay back in couches, going over what you loved and what you didn’t love about the book… you get up and get into the content! Nanea works hard to curate each meeting to match the flavor of the text. Horror book? Murder mystery dinner party! Book about witchcraft? Candle-making course, baby! And how do they choose the next book to read? Democratically, duh. They vote! Take that, boring bookclubs of decades past!

Peruse that Instagram, and look-out for a PBB chapter coming to a city near you…

B+A Books (art)

So can’t really follow-up that PBB content with a good-read….

But how about a film? Cunningham. Merce Cunningham. Modern dance. History. Why am I speaking in fragments. Because his techniques were. Radical. Ever thought about how we made the leap from ballet and ballroom being the only kind of dance we watched or imagined? This guy. This guy. If you haven’t heard of him, even if you don’t give two shrugs about dance, look it all up. He was spinning around Black Mountain College (that experimental, mythical place of ground-breaking geniuses: John Cage, Dorothea Rockburne, Franz Kline) and collaborated with all of those mid-century NYC artist “greats”. Merce Cunningham Dance Company shattered assumptions. About dance. About story. About the human body. Art’s capacity and what is/not possible.

The film? Gorgeous. 3D. Go. Be moved by the movement.

B+A Bye…

Wishing you much inspiration and chocolate this sweet St. Valentines week.

And hey.

You’re doing a really great job. 

Robi and Team B+A