We’re always on the hunt for good people!

Thanks for finding us. We’re ALWAYS seeking out good people to join us.

Here’s a bit about who we are and what it’s like to work here at B+A. If reading this leaves you excited, or intrigued, (and you think we’ll find you exciting and intriguing), get in touch at [email protected]

What is B+A?

B+A is a problem solving business. We work with brilliant clients to solve complicated problems in very short spaces of time. Our work unlocks change, growth and innovation that puts our clients on the front foot.

How do we do this?
We answer 3 simple but fundamental questions that our clients often ask themselves:

1. What is going on around us? 
What in the world around us, or that of our customers, should we know and understand?
– To answer this, we deliver research and insights of all shapes and sizes.

2. Where should we go next? 
Based on what we know about the world around us, where should we go in the future?
– To answer this, we build business and brand strategies, develop business plans or evolve business models in order to help our clients articulate what the future looks like for them and how they will get there.

3. How can we get the best from our people? 
Based on where we want to go next, how do we create the right dynamic for our people to do their best work to fulfil our ambitions?
– To answer this we work produce cultural analysis and ensuing plans that help our clients develop their organisational cultures to be as effective and compelling as possible.

Who do we work with?
We work with a diverse range of businesses and organisations that span the for-profit, cultural and charity sectors. These include Nike, Clinique, Nando’s, the Barbican, Punchdrunk and the Musicians Union to name but a few.

Why this mix?
We believe that the most powerful enterprises of the 21st century will combine what charitable, cultural and for-profit businesses do at their best. Our work combines learnings from all these three worlds to create more legitimate, authentic, sustainable businesses.

How do we work?
Our working style is Bespoke and Accelerated. We work very quickly and very collaboratively. For instance, to solve our clients challenges, we are increasingly being called upon to write books with them in very short spaces of time. We’ve written books in 5 days, 24 hours and 1 hour. We’ve found that collaborative book writing is an incredibly powerful way of not only solving problems, but also fostering wider ownership of strategic direction. You can find out more about the first book we wrote here.

Where do we work?
We are based in London, Portland and Shanghai, and regularly work all over the world.

What kind of people do we look for?
We look for people who can bring something unique of their own to our team of problem solvers. Aside from all the apparently contradictory clichés that everyone asks for – like being a self-starter who’s a good team player – we’re most interested in people who have a diverse and unusual set of skills or experiences, with a track record of achievement, leadership and learning across at least two of the three worlds we work in: e.g. a management consultant who’s worked in TV, or a journalist who’s been a teacher, or a choreographer who’s now a coach. You get the idea.

We look for people who have substantial professional experience across a range of industries and with management experience.

The right person will also possibly have conceived, developed and delivered ground breaking business, cultural or charitable ideas either for themselves or for clients (like started and ran a club night, or set up a charity or a business – that kind of thing).


Be able to demonstrate a strong ability to synthesise information, simplify it and turn it into compelling stories (written, on video, audio or graphically) in a short space of time.


Have a proven track record of facilitation of creative processes like workshops, problem solving or ideation sessions.


Although not a pre-requisite we are very interested in people who have designed and delivered qualitative and quantitative research projects either for themselves or on behalf of a client.

What does working here entail?
We’re all on the team for a reason. We’re switched on, hard workers and individually very different in weird and wonderful ways. New people who join our team have to muck in – everything from managing and leading senior client relationships, delivering projects in partnership with other team members to contributing to the growth and vibrancy of both our business and our culture.

A lot of our work is comprised of global research and insight projects – so your research skills need to be on point. But also, it’s highly likely that one day you might be writing a book, the next developing a business plan, the following facilitating a workshop. In amongst travelling to gather consumer insight from a multitude of markets.

You will travel, but not all the time, and you will do the occasional late night, but we take pride in working sensible hours that enable you to pursue diverse interests that keep you sane and interesting.

How do we treat our people?
At B+A we judge ourselves by the quality of finished work, not the hours spent at our desks. We don’t have job titles or a set hierarchy, each project has a lead that could be any one of our (currently) fifteen strong team, so there’s ample opportunity for you to learn from anyone in the team doing challenging, interesting, meaningful work. We’ll endeavour to be flexible to your circumstances, whilst allowing you to play your full part learning from and contributing to our developing culture. We offer a pension above statutory obligation, a generous holiday entitlement, private medical insurance and new business bonus schemes.

There are a few things to bear in mind if you are thinking of applying:

We are building a company of entrepreneurs. So you need to be a pro-active self starter who sees and can exploit an opportunity within a valued, structured organisation.

We value honesty and provocation – but only if it’s constructive, so if you’re addicted to “disruption”, we’re probably not for you. We are looking for people who want to step out of the daily consultancy model and truly challenge their clients, but in an appropriate, respectful and helpful way.

We don’t have a specific output. In fact, we pride ourselves on our ‘output agnostic’ approach to our work. So if you’ve built a career on making ads, putting on events or writing brilliant press releases and want to keep doing that, then we won’t be able to satisfy your urges.

That said, we are changing and growing. So the organisation you join might look very different in 6 months. You must be comfortable in situations of change, and willing to contribute to it.

We don’t know any ‘know it-alls’. Because no-one know’s it all. If you know it all, we probably aren’t the right place for you.

But that doesn’t mean you know nothing – we’re a consultancy that makes things. So you can probably not only think your way out of a paper bag, but once out, make the paper bag into something useful, or beautiful, or both.

If what you’ve read excites you then get in touch, and tell us why you’d like to work at B+A. In any way you like, that best represents you, and either email us at: [email protected] or send us something in the post (address at the bottom of our website).