Ben’s Back, Vintage Addis Ababa, The Big Bang, Rikki Stein and On Truth (B+A Bulletin #158)

Ben’s Back, Vintage Addis Ababa, The Big Bang, Rikki Stein and On Truth (B+A Bulletin #158)

B+A Breaking

The London office is mighty happy to be hosting Ben for the week. He’s been missed! Needless to say the flat whites have been flowing, and there’s an impalpable aura of calm in B+A HQ. While I was hoping to get a cute group picture to kick off Bulletin #158, life got in the way – so here’s an André classic from the archive instead.

From B+A to the world, here are your headlines…

B+A Brilliance

Lose yourself in a sepia world of extended family meals, weddings and awkward adolescence with Vintage Addis Ababa – a blog dedicated to celebrating “recollections of everyday people” from Ethiopia’s capital. Once you’ve managed to drag yourself back into 2018, share your appreciation for the online gallery with André’s friend Nafkot, who made it happen.

B+A Books etc.

So hot off the press, the glue’s only just dried…this week B+A published its 15th (!) book, The Big Bang. Written by Idean UK in a fast and furious one day workshop, the book tells the story of their universe and how it operates – with a little help from the brave Chinstrap Penguins of Zavodovski Island, a colony of bees, a bear and some very punchy mantis shrimps. If that’s got your eyebrow raised, email us to grab a copy of your very own.

B+A Big Up

“Today you live, so live today.” These were the parting words from Rikki Stein to Andrew last week, after a chance encounter on the streets of Manhattan. In embodying this mantra from his old Polish grandmother, Rikki has amassed a a formidable back catalogue of stories that leave you inspired to really experience this big ol’ world of ours. Energising stuff.

B+A Babble

Abi is the undisputed queen of podcast/radio recommendations. Here’s her babbling about On Truth with Kurt Andersen:

Loved this short essay read by the author himself on America’s long history of magical thinking and unique relationship with truth in a ‘post-truth’ world. Exploring how the very nature of America’s genesis has informed this relationship and how it continues into the present with the Trump Presidency. Worth the 16mins, 100%.

It’s one of a set of five readings from writers and thinkers exploring the nature of truth – you can hear the whole omnibus here.

B+A Bye…

The sky’s darkening outside which means two things: it’s time to wrap things up here, and autumn/fall has finally arrived. Forage yourself some figs (in season right now) and think of Nicola – it’s her favourite time of year.

Love, team B+A x