Break Time / Make Time. (B+A Bulletin #251)

Break Time / Make Time. (B+A Bulletin #251)

B+A Breaking

Yo, Bulletin readership. Welcome!

Hope you’re having a swell August. Are you just back from vacay? You’re glowing.

While much of society takes a well-deserved breather from the year that just won’t quit, the B+A energy keeps riding hiiiigh. Ben’s been busy recording podcasts on consultancy in the time of Covid, we’re launching alternative education systems, and Giulia’s getting comfy in the director’s chair (more info on this one incoming). 

But right now you’ve got Luke, from B+A LDN, here to share some of the other good + great things out in the world today. Bulletin #251, delivered with love..

B+A Brilliance

This. After the tumult and trauma of 2020, this really is what we need. The 1:54 African Art Fair, a seven-year stalwart of the London cultural calendar, is returning to Somerset House this October. It’s been stripped back for safety reasons, but still promises the same internationally celebrated voices from contemporary African art. The full list of galleries is still yet to be announced, but right now even the promise of new IRL art activity feels great. Find all the details here. (The show will also be available online.) 

B+A Big Up

Andriana Lagoudes, close buddy of B+A, has been busy of late. When she hasn’t been exploring the limits of design thinking for B+A, or collecting food and resources to send to Lebanon, she’s been building a new online curriculum for Freedom & BalanceYou Sound Like Your Mother is all about looking into family: where it ends, and where you begin. It’s vulnerable in its simplicity. It’s beautiful. And it takes just over an hour to complete. Click click click.

B+A Babble

Your every experience: it all matters. So preached iconic filmmaker Nora Ephron throughout her life, and becomes the magnetic core for her posthumous biopic, Everything is Copy, made by her son in 2015. The title is a direct quote, Nora’s mantra, about her openness for everything she observed in life to have value way beyond itself. 

The documentary is a reminder to us all (but really hit home for this team of observers and researchers) that there’s substance in every experience. Every interaction. Every conversation. Watch the doc here, then watch your world open up.

B+A Books etc.

Reflection. Consideration. Evaluation. Yessir, there’s strength in taking it slow. And don’t Delayed Gratification know it. DG is a quarterly print magazine, exploring the big global events of the past three months – with the unique advantage that only comes with retrospect. Having let the dust settle a bit, the most recent issue dives into the assassination of Qassem Soleimani, the verdict on Harvey Weinstein, and of course the emergence of Covid across the world. All through a combination of sensitive thinkpieces and striking infographics.

B+A Bye…

Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot. 

And if you haven’t been able to take a break yet this summer, take time to make space in your day-to-day. Mini-vacations for the people.

Until next time,
Luke and Team B+A