Bridge to where? (B+A Bulletin #237)

Bridge to where? (B+A Bulletin #237)

B+A Breaking

Hi. That’s the St Johns Bridge. Beautiful, huh? It was built 1929-1931. In its dedication the engineer, David B. Steinman, said, “It is the most beautiful bridge in the world.”

Hi. It’s Robi. I’ve been reading up on Portland history during quarantine. Anyone else feel inspired to get to know their city more, especially since we can’t be out in it?

This is a video of what Portland looks like from above in a fighter jet.

Enough Portland love? I’ll get on with it then…

B+A Brilliance

The innovators at Makers Asylum have created something game-changing for these here Covid-19 times. To help combat the virus in their home country of India, Makerspaces have become the birthplace of M-19 shields. These face shields protect essential workers as they test and treat potential carriers of the virus. The M-19 shields that Makers Asylum have created can be assembled in just 3 minutes! Watch! Makers Asylum set a goal to give away 1 Million of these babies, and at no cost to the wearer. They’re more than halfway to their goal!

“Self-sufficient and sustainable local ecosystems will be the new norm of a post #COVID19 world. For the true spirit of making in India #makersgonnamake”

Learn more about Makers Asylum and how to donate to the M-19 shield here.

B+A Babble

Remember a few months ago when Nic taught us a little bit about Permaculture? Well this week’s Green Tip is to : get into it! Permaculture design principles are about so much more than just gardening. At you can dig around in the resources and courses compiled by Heaher Jo Flores, permaculturist and author of Food Not Lawns. The courses are offered for free, with an option to donate whatever you can. “Welcome to the #freepermaculture project, where we believe that the knowledge we need to live sustainably on the Earth is free and available to anyone who sticks their hands in the soil, and our mission is to help you get your hands dirty as often as possible!”
I am taking two of the courses now, so if you sign up, write me! And we can compare notes!

B+A Books etc.

The Portland team has been collectively listening to this new podcast up from the New York Times. Best-selling author Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild) is supporting us through these hard times by calling some of her favorite and most inspirational authors in search of nuggets of wisdom. In most recent podcast, Cheryl (also known as Sugar) spoke with Alice Walker (The Color Purple). Alice read one of Cheryl’s favorite poems, they talked Buddhism, and nature. Check it out, you’ll feel better after listening. Promise.

B+A Big Up

So… we’ve dropped a new film. I know you all read last week’s blog post about how we are adapting our business to meet a new normal. Catch this little stomp around our toolshed where we cop to the practical ways we are getting after this challenge. And for those of you hungry to learn more about what we do here, this one’s definitely for you. Consider this a peak into our B+A brain..

B+A Bye…

If Covid-19 were a bridge, what’s on the other side?

Robi and Team B+A