Bulletin #196 – Say Yes. And See What Happens.

Bulletin #196 – Say Yes. And See What Happens.

B+A Breaking

Honey, we’re home…

Don’t wanna rub it in too much, but last week was pretty special. Big up West Cork for the recalibration.

But now we’re back to our respective cities, and feeling truly
invigorated // 
inspired //

Bulletin #196: we’re ready for ya.

B+A Brilliance

You know those people that carry a certain energy that’s about as close as you can get to magic? The ones that make you feel like you can do anything? Turns out Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun runs with this energy on the daily, and she shared some of it with all of us at this years’ St Barnabas Address.

Yep, she’s a magician. And that means with her help, we’re all magicians too.

[And speaking of magic, credit Tom Horton for the snap.]

B+A Books etc.

After respectfully listening to each other’s views on Think Again: How to Reason and Argue at our B+A Book Club last week (we’ve got a couple copies floating around if you’re interested), this mini-tome is the perfect next step. It’s a beautiful example of philosophical reason in action: two very big minds – Adorno and Horkheimer – tackling the big sh*t in a series of transcribed conversations. Dive in.

B+A Babble

It’s simple: “Community is at the heart of what it means to be human.” – succinctly and powerfully spoken by Swarzy Macaly and Grenfell survivor Feruza Afewerki. The pair are hosting an open mic eventtomorrow night, dedicated to telling the stories at the heart of this London tragedy. And if you can’t make it, check their fundraiser Gold & Ashes, to create a published photo series and exhibition.

B+A Big Up

Putting a rural town on the global tech map is a hella ambitious task. Last week Team B+A were able to hear how it can be done, courtesy of John Field, Chairman of the Ludgate Hub. Through his impenetrable local pride, insanely opportunistic attitude, and true blue entrepreneurialism, Field promoted Skibereen from old-school market town to Ireland’s first 1GB hub.

And according to Field, the impact on the community has been momentous. As well as producing 250 new jobs, Ludgate has created a local confidence that continues to energise the whole community.

Say yes. And see what happens.

B+A Bye…

Off-grid is great, but it sure feels nice to be back.

After all, we got problems to solve… 

Luke and Team B+A