Call in, and treasure hunt! (B+A Bulletin #267)

Call in, and treasure hunt! (B+A Bulletin #267)

B+A Breaking

Long time, no see, Bulletin peakers! Robi is back in the writer’s sear. And this Bulletin is on brand for December with a few “shopping suggestions” for the holidays (at the end).


Since we can’t all be together this year for our annual Christmas shenanigans, we’re taking to digital fun with Andrew’s annual Treasure Hunt. This year: design your dream city (and answer some key questions) by collaging together images taken around the neighborhood by team-members and organizing them using Miro. And like all good B+A games, there was a winner….

B+A Brilliance

…. team Georgia wins! Georgia’s designed the dream-city of Wabi-sabi (a Japanese world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection). Kone’s team developed HWYL where, “We are perfect. Neither are you.” And Katy’s team designed Neverland, the place you go because you want to grow up. It was a close call between the brilliance and hard-work the global team collectively put into these thoughtful assemblages, but Andrew is the judge! And judge deemed Wabi-sabi the most successful. They give away free donuts, along with a Citizen’s Dividend!

Click the links above and you can explore all three of our dream-scapes. Included on the Miro boards are not just our city’s brands, but our thoughts on things like transportation, governance, education, and so much more. We got you noodling on your own dream city now didn’t we…

B+A Books etc.

Another month, another bookclub. And this month we are really mixing things up around here and gathering at B+A BC to discuss Arthur Jafa‘s interview with Showstudio. In the words of Tamika, “he really does not give a f*** about what you think of his art!” That’s the mark of a legend, isn’t it? “I’m interested in how a picture, that is not real, can affect you.”

If you’re a Jafa fan and want to join in our bookclub tomorrow (Thursday) email me! We can get you a spot at the zoom table, and our fearless discussion leader Kone will love more disciples for the chorus.

B+A Big Up

By now you’ve heard of cancel culture. Exhausted? Academic and activist Loretta J Ross is challenging her students at Smith College with a simple question: what if we call them in, instead of calling them out?

“Calling out assumes the worst. calling in involves conversation, compassion and context. It doesn’t mean a person should ignore harm, slight or damage, but nor should they exagerate it.”

Call-out culture is alienating, and generates more aggressive behavior and polarization between us. To find our common ground we must be gentler. Read more about Profesor Ross’s inquiry, and maybe next time you see some jerk on Facebook rubbing their ignorance all over everyone, you’ll be inspired to send them a private message and have a discussion.

B+A Babble

Stuck on what to get loved ones for the holidays? How about something made my a local Portland artisan? Portland Made is a collective of PDX entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers. They build community amongst those small-business creatives via events and education workshops, and host a directory on their site for the public to find local brands to support.

#shoplocal not so much of an option for you right now? How about #shopEthical? Mission Brand Alliance is a collective of brands who believe in positive impact over profits. “You have the power to vote with every purchase you make.” MBA brings together brands who are already participating in initiatives like Climate Neutral, and The Conservation Alliance. On their website, you’ll find a directory of the brands currently participating in the collective (and the sale catalog they’re having as part of their launch). We think their vision vibes with B+A. What do you think?

B+A Bye…

So if you know someone who knows someone who bought every Christmas gift on Amazon this year… maybe, don’t call them out?

Let’s lead with our hearts. This holiday season, we’d take a hug and an IRL laugh over something to unwrap anyway.

Robi + Team B+A