Cambridge Gravity, Think Like an Anthropologist, J Dilla and MPC history & Chris Bowden (B+A Bulletin #161)

Cambridge Gravity, Think Like an Anthropologist, J Dilla and MPC history & Chris Bowden (B+A Bulletin #161)

B+A Breaking

Well hello there. So glad to be together again.

Tamika’s en route back to London, and Luke’s having a couple of days r ‘n’ r (in fact, we’re a little thin on the ground here in London, what with Nicola in Portland, André in Miami and Adesuwa at a secret location), so you’ve got me, Andrew. I’m going to take this rare occasion with my hands on the B+A wheel to steer it in a musical direction.

This Bulletin comes with a soundtrack. Click on this sentence (assuming you’ve Spotify. If you haven’t, hit these three words instead). I’ll explain what you’re listening to in B+A Brilliance.

Vamos se embora! – B+A Bulletin One Six One. 5,6,7,8…

B+A Brilliance

This week, Luke was lucky enough to visit Cambridge Gravity. Launched last year, it’s making serious movements in the science community. By connecting some of the most cutting edge scientists with socially-conscious philanthropists, they’re catalysing breakthroughs in healthcare around the world. Check out their life-changing work (and hefty list of patrons).

B+A Books etc.

Tamika put us onto Matthew Engelke’s Think Like an Anthropologist, so that’s our book club book for the next few weeks. If you want to join in, order it from your local library, if it hasn’t been closed down. If it has, but you care about local independent bookshops, either go directly or, if you’re in the UK, get a copy from (and when you go to pick it up, buy another couple of books).

B+A Babble

When I was a record producer, my set up was built round an Akai MPC3000. Just like a Fender Stratocaster could be termed a “rock native” instrument, I’d call an MPC the first “hip-hop native” instrument. The late, genius producer James Yancey (a.k.a. J Dilla)’s MPC has just been donated to the Smithsonian. If you don’t know much about Dilla, or an MPC for that matter, take  a look at this great Estelle Caswell movie. (pictured is Dilla’s mum Maureen, with his MPC and custom Minimoog).

B+A Big Up

Of the many musicians I was flattered to have kept company with when I made music, there were few better than saxophonist Chris Bowden. In 1996, before his life took a unfortunate turn, that took him the best part of two decades to recover from, he produced one of the greatest British jazz albums of all time. That’s what you’re listening to. This month it’s been re-released.

B+A Bye…

So, with this short fading coda, that’s all from me.
Until next time: Go. Have Fun. Make good music. 


With love from Team B+A