Championing the Pioneers (B+A Bulletin #238)

Championing the Pioneers (B+A Bulletin #238)

B+A Breaking

nĭ hăo, bulletin gang. You’re looking swell today!

This week we got familiar with Becky and Huw, the visionary duo behind the ultra exclusive Paynter Jacket Co. Thanks guys for stopping by and letting us into your story, your process, and your ethics. For anyone curious about a brand that is defiantly steady and stylish enough that Ben stayed up all night for the drop, here’s your portal.

Bulletin #238. Let’s spin the yarn.

B+A Brilliance

While we’re chatting about people doing sh*t differently – shout out the ambassador for the unorthodox, Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun. Nelly’s newest project is the creation of a non-fiction film, Red Moon, exploring how future inhabitants of the moon will engage with diaspora and borders. Huh.

And in order to undertake fieldwork for Red Moon, she’s filming a TV series, or a “surrealist filter fantastique”, of interviews hosted on Insta. Double huh. Yep, it’s hard to explain. But it’s innovative, and nuts. Best head to @nellybenhayounstudios and let her fill in ya blanks.

B+A Books etc.

It’s not too late for you to join the next B+A Book Club! In a couple of weeks we’ll be zooming in to chat all things dystopically digital, with the help of Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self Delusion. It’s wicked. Jia’s insights into the absurdity of modern society are surely the building blocks we’ll need for designing the future. Shout us if you fancy joining the revolution.

B+A Babble x Big Up

Here’s a rival newsletter shoutout for you (just don’t forget us, promise) courtesy of Joanna Fuertes. Joanna’s a journalist and filmmaker, and has just started sharing her raw, wry and honest stories with the world – from spilling the tea on Vice debauchery (both pre- and post-Disney takeover), to dealing with addiction to starting a new life in Costa Rica. Her words are beautiful and ugly, soft and razor sharp. Sign up here.

B+A Bye…

One last link for clicking: the latest musings from us on the current situation (sigh, seems it really is impossible to get through a whole bulletin without referencing covid). This time we’re thinking about how to keep all 5 senses well-oiled during lockdown, and nurture healthy work relationships in the process. Zing.

Luke and Team B+A

PS. if you didn’t see our brand new film in last weeks bulletin all about B+A’s digital takeover, wtf ? Anyway, it’s here, and it’s a goodie.