Charlie Dark, ‘Healthy Culture, Juicy Fruit (Part 1)’, Big Capital & Gendering problem solving (B+A Bulletin #107)

Charlie Dark, ‘Healthy Culture, Juicy Fruit (Part 1)’, Big Capital & Gendering problem solving (B+A Bulletin #107)

Evenin’ pals. The air’s getting frostier isn’t it? Autumn is definitely a-coming in the UK.

Hope October’s been treating you well thus far? We’ve had an inspiring start to ours. On Monday, we got a bunch of friends, colleagues and generally wonderful people together in a beautifully atmospheric chapel. Yes indeed. Charlie Dark delivered a powerful lecture on the theme of encouragement at ‘The House of St Barnabas Address’. The energy that filled the room was infectious – each and every one of us left with a spring in our step and a mission to pass that feeling on.

That being said, if you’re in need of some words/ actions of encouragement ask one of us, we’re prepped, primed and ready to go! Let’s get to the one-hundred-and-seventh B+A Bulletin…

B+A Brilliance

At the end of Charlie Dark’s lecture, he was thanked with wild applause. Clapping. We don’t tend to think about it too deeply, but thankfully Matt Locke, director of Storythings tends to think about behaviour in much more detail than most. Matt explains how showing appreciation through clapping was big data before data got big. Read here, it is illuminating and very bloody clever.

B+A Books etc.

Business culture is critical to success. Why then is it so under-invested in? We try to address this elephant in the room with our brand-spanking-new book Healthy Culture, Juicy Fruit (Part 1). We spoke to 50+ industry leaders to uncover their thoughts. feelings and attitudes towards business culture. What we found was, well, juicy. The release date is TBC. Keep your eyes all the way peeled. Books on books on books.

B+A Big Up

This week Ben is bigging up author, Anna Minton on her latest book, which asks the question ‘who is London for?’ “Without even having finished it Big Capital has completely changed the way I look at the development going on around us in London. It’s quite unbelievable what is happing before our very eyes but conveniently (for those benefiting) just out of view and it makes me think about the brilliant Andrew Neil quote our good friend Chris Hyndman shared with us : “why should young people believe in capitalism, when they have no chance of accruing any capital?”

B+A Babble

According to Dr. Michele Ramsey, emotional labour is often conflated with problem solving. “The gendered assumption is that ‘men are the problem solvers because women are too emotional,’” she explains. “But who is really solving the bulk of the world’s problems?” Touché, Mich, touché. We’re all considered problem-solvers here at B+A, if only it were the same for women in other contexts. Read on here. Then if you haven’t already, buy this and delve even deeper.


B+A Bye…

Bye friends, bye. Oh, also as of today, we’re now officially sharing office space with Adaptive Lab. Exciting. We’ll give you the full update next week, for sure. Until next time friends, always remember Daddy Dark’s words of wisdom – you are enough.

Team B+A