Coal Drops Yard, Exterminate All the Brutes, Future Sound & One Night in Atlanta (B+A Bulletin #163)

Coal Drops Yard, Exterminate All the Brutes, Future Sound & One Night in Atlanta (B+A Bulletin #163)

B+A Breaking


A nervy night for our US mates, but more on that later…

First of all, some exciting (if a little belated) merch news, as the addition of a shiny new Shanghai badge means we can now fully represent B+A’s 3 global offices on our arms with pride. It’s based on this very cool building, designed by our best mates Imagist, and shadily modelled here by OG Andrew. If you want to know more about our badges, watch this ‘ere video.

Aaaanyway, Bulletin #163…

B+A Brilliance

Big congrats are in order to Argent for the launch of Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross this week. Coal Drops Yard is the reimagination of two Victorian brick viaducts and is not just totally architecturally stunning – it’s a place where art, commerce and culture come together, housing a cornucopia of independent brands selling stuff you actually want.

Oh, and they really know how to throw a launch party.

B+A Books etc.

^ So opens Sven Lindqvist’s ‘Exterminate All the Brutes’. Intrigued? Read on…

Using his own travels through Sub-Saharan Africa as his base narrative, and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (from where the title is lifted) as his literary context, over a slight 200 pages Lindqvist unravels the harrowing history of European genocide and colonialism. It’s a tough read – therefore all the more reason to, right? – whilst masterfully narrated and uniquely structured.

Just as potent today as it was on release in 1996. Most emphatic book recco in a long time.

B+A Big Up

Come and check out the work of some highly talented young Londoners. This Friday, students from Mossbourne Community Academy in East London selected specially for their musical prowess are showcasing a collaborative project with 8-piece Afrobeat band KOKOROKO. It’s called Future Sound. You can bag yourself a free ticket here.

B+A Babble

At time of writing, things are pretty tense in Atlanta, GA, as Stacey Abrams fights to become the US’s first female African American governor. While deep diving into race + American politics could keep us babbling all night, right now its probably best avoided, so here’s a very different Atlanta-based activity worth your time: Boiler Room are celebrating the cities major hip hop talent with a special one night only event this Friday, ft. Lil Yachty, Zaytoven, Kodie Shane + more. Music > Politics.

B+A Bye…

Happy Wednesday folks, whether it’s just starting or closing up for the night. Thanks, as ever, for stopping by.

Team B+A