Coping with COVID, Climate Justice + Founder Love (B+A Bulletin #227)

Coping with COVID, Climate Justice + Founder Love (B+A Bulletin #227)

B+A Breaking

Hey there guys.

And welcome! To this week’s B+A Bulletin, number two two seven. 

Last week came to you from Robi and the B+A Portland team. This time round you got Luke, meaning we must be back in London – and kicking off with some founder love. Because you gotta celebrate the people who made it all happen (and, y’know, keep me in the black). So here’s a rare snap of Ben, with true OG B+A co-conspirator Colm Roche – out delivering the goods in PDX (just to keep you on your transatlantic toes). 

And we’re not finished yet – we’re taking you from B, straight back to A…

B+A Brilliance

I got a feeling you’re gonna like this one. Maybe you got excited and already clicked the link. Wouldn’t blame you. But if not – here is B+A’s Andrew captured in full multisensory mp4 format. And in true Andrew fashion, you know he not only starred, but also wrote and performed the soundtrack (would you expect anything less?) 

B+A Babble

Ok – enuff founder luff for now I think. Instead, dig your teeth into this brilliant, shrewd piece of babble from The Baffler – on the lazy capitalist endorsement that’s intrinsic to every article you’ve read that claims to berate ‘late capitalism’. Author Rachel Connolly is razor sharp, and calmly takes no prisoners when it comes to her POV. Try this for size: “Linking a brand or cultural trend to “late capitalism” is an undemanding way to affect profundity and a kind of superficial universality.” Ouch.

B+A Books etc.

From take-downs to standouts. Climate Justice, written by former Irish President Mary Robinson, is a super simple concept: heralding and celebrating the people, predominantly women, who are making serious movements in tackling the global climate crisis. Robinson’s stance is that “we will succeed only if we recognise that the struggle to combat climate change is inextricably linked to tackling poverty, inequality, and exclusion.” And – no surprises here – it’s changemakers from the female community who are both hardest hit, and those truly stepping up.

B+A Back in Business

We are SO SO pleased to welcome Amanda and the crew in Shanghai back to the office. Weird time out there, to say the least. 

And whilst the world continues to get dominated by a brand new c-word, B+A have been busy problem solving for business as usual.

We’ve already started rolling out some exciting methods for global remote workshop delivery – so if COVID-19 is stopping you getting sh*t done, we just might be able to help. Shout us!

B+A Big Up

ANOTHER gem from South East London! No way! It would smell of editor’s bias if the content weren’t so strong… 

So fresh you don’t wanna go too near the walls, the Migration Museum is a discreet, yet slyly expansive, exhibition space housed inside Lewisham’s neglected shopping centre. The Museum is comprised of a set of immersive installations, each exploring the human stories behind migration to London. The pieces champion personal emotion before collective experience – a stark reminder that it’s the individual journey that creates a city.

B+A Bye…

Maintaining the good stuff, now and forever. Love you all, and keep on singing happy birthday (twice).

Luke and Team B+A