Crew Love, Farewell Rosy, Nicola –> PDX, Da Vinci & Terra Wash (B+A Bulletin #181)

Crew Love, Farewell Rosy, Nicola –> PDX, Da Vinci & Terra Wash (B+A Bulletin #181)

B+A Breaking

Damn. The B+A vibe is stroooong.

This week…
We’ve been speaking on panels at Cardiff Uni (on queerness and Islam) and at the Barbican (on resilience).
We’ve been plotting books, chatting gender, and building platforms from scratch.
We’re running and presenting sold-out jazz+ gigs.
And that’s without even touching the work we’re paid to do.

Yeah, B+A, you’re alright.

But you came here for a Bulletin didn’t you? Well, here’s number 181…

B+A Brilliance

You’re about to find out the etymology of that gushing Crew-Love intro. Because it’s time to say à bientôt to a true blue B+Aer, Rosy, who is soon to begin a new Parisian venture.

She’s wise. She’s razor sharp. She’s got class. She knows a lot about, well, a lot (and if she doesn’t know it, you can bet she’ll know someone who does). Something tells us she’s going to do juuuust fine.

B+A Big Up

And don’t go changing channels, the team announcements ain’t done yet! Hold tight PDX, because Nicola is heading your way for the next 3 months to keep Kelsey and Ben company.

She (plus B+A favourite Tom) needs mates. If you know her, please say hey! And if you don’t, Nic is into Fitness-Photography-Cooking-Outdoors-Interiors-Gardening-People-Books-Craft-Design. And that’s just the beginning.

Look, here she is playing chameleon with an artwork. And if that’s not enough, keep on reading…

B+A Books etc.

This weekend, on a walking tour of her hometown (also B+A’s favourite British city) Nic stopped by the Birmingham Museum to check out a collection of Da Vinci’s sketches. To mark the 500th anniversary of his death, drawings from the collection have been distributed to galleries all over the UK – so from Southampton to Belfast you too can get a glimpse.

(!! Trivia time !! Did you know Da Vinci only wrote from right to left, so his notes are only decipherable by looking in a mirror? thanks to Nic’s parents for that one).

B+A Babble

It counts for a lot when someone comes up to you to start a conversation about how great their laundry detergent is. But just such an occurrence went down last week in a Berlin coffee shop, when Luke was brandished with a packet of eco-product Terra Wash (“It’s from Japan!”).

Sure enough it does seem pretty revolutionary: it’s an alternative to environment-harming chemicals, made instead from magnesium. Oh, and the promo video tells the laundry story via the metaphor of Pac-Man. Which is cool.

B+A Bye…

So that’s bye from Rosy, bye from UK-based Nicola and bye from the rest of B+A too.

Love you guys.