Divinity + Kone + The Future? (B+A Bulletin #254)

Divinity + Kone + The Future? (B+A Bulletin #254)

B+A Breaking

Greetings B+A fans. Robi’s coming at you today with Bulletin #254.

Lots of exciting stuff so let’s not dilly dally staring up at Ramona Falls, let’s get into the main course!

B+A Big Up

Like Luke mentioned last week, we’ve got big news! A fresh face on the Problem Solver line-up! Say hello and welcome Kone!

Polymath. History. Hitchens (Christopher). Rembrandt. Mandela 2013. Fort Rixon. Jafa. Juror8. Bong Joon Ho and the HallYu. Ozu. Worlds View on 5 Pages A Day. Colonial Hangover.

And we’ve got more than just an introductory bunch of words and a new pic for ya… Kone made this brilliant video to introduce himself to the team. Check it. And give him a B+A fam wave at why don’t ya?

B+A Babble

Last week the Slack was noisy discussing this New York Times article about a new kind of consultants: Divinity Consultants. What do they do, you ask? They bring spirituality back into the office. Whether its hosting a full-blown ritual by candle-light for your team, or organizing Zoom sessions that begin with a collective sensory experience (everyone smell a spoonful of cinnamon) Divinity Consultants want to help businesses and teams reconnect. What do you think? Useful? Rubbish? Share it with your Slack channel and see what bubbles up…

B+A Books+

Part podcast series, part album. Our friends at the band Tunng have just launched a 8 part hybrid audio experience called The Dead Club. Dead? Yep. It’s a sonic meditation on loss. Tunng interview people who have studied, written about, documented and make art about Death. Dead Club Pod hosts conversations with AC Grayling, Max Porter, Kevin Young from The New Yorker, Derren Brown and Speech Debelle, among others. And reader, it’s not all grim! There’s humor, music and ecstatic states of joy embedded throughout. As a recovering lover of ghosts, I’m excited to see where Dead Club take us…

B+A Brilliance

A couple weeks ago I told you all about our newest book, Innovate or Die, that we wrote with the participants of the Leadership Lessons Live Conference. In two short weeks, we’re doing it again, writing the second book in the box set: Build The Future. But we need authors! Come join Andrew on Youtube Live for the full B+A book writing experience. We have 3 sessions, in 3 different time zones. And they’re all happening at 12 noon in their respective cities. Ask a friend to join you for a digital lunch, write a book with us, and see it in the mail a month later when it’s printed. It’s going to be killer, folks. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn, write, and have a bit of fun. Go on, Register on Eventbrite!

B+A Bye…

Loads of new and exciting things cooking in the kitchen over here. Autumn is shaping up to be one heck of a season. We hope you’re all taking the changes in, in stride.

Robi and Team B+A