, Islamic Panic, Koyaanisqatsi & Adaptive Labs (B+A Bulletin #98)

B+A Breaking

Why hello there.

This is B+A Bulletin 98. Yes, that’s right. We’ve given you 98 weeks worth of Wednesday evening goodness so far – time does indeed fly when you’re having fun. Hope you’re looking after yourself, riding the ride and staying out of trouble (or finding trouble if that’s what you’re seeking rn.)

Welcome in. Make yourself a cuppa, especially if you’re London-based, bit dreary today huh?

B+A Brilliance

Our friend, Hazel is looking for an experienced podcast producer to develop a climate change project over 6 weeks, starting ASAP. So ASAP that the deadline was actually last week, but that doesn’t matter – if it’s meant to be, it will be. amirite? have funding for a podcast series around climate change. Ultimately their goal is to engage English speaking publics in a number of target countries with the opportunity that the Paris COP agreement has given to stop CO2 emissions before they wreck the planet. They have an approach, fantastic partnerships and an impressive host in mind. They are looking for people with a keen interest but not necessarily previous experience or formal expertise in the environmental journalism or climate change and social justice. Attitude and aptitude trumps expertise.
Apply by July 21st. Email [email protected] telling them why you are right for the job and attach either a CV or your LinkedIn. Wicked.

B+A Books etc.

Full transparency – we’ve just started reading this book this week, but we’ve already actually LOL-ed on a packed central line several times. Intelligent, witty and satirical as it gets – How can you tell if your neighbour is speaking Muslim? Is a mosque a kind of hedgehog? Can I get fries with that burka? You can’t trust the media any longer, but there’s no need to fret: Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic provides you with the answers.

B+A Big Up

We’re bigging up a body of work, in the form of the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack by Philip Glass. A1 working music – try it for yourself, promise you’ll enter a different state of consciousness. It’s that deep. It’s cool, you can thank us later.

B+A Babble

Wanna read something pretty damn dope that was brought to our attention by our pals at Adaptive Lab? Of course you do… it lives here. This 3 minute read serves to remind us why understanding people’s life circumstances is so important. “Projects are about people talking to people, treating each other like human beings” – we couldn’t agree more.


B+A Bye…

Adieu. Hope we provided you with at least one thing you found useful this time around. Until next time…

Love, Team B+A x