Don’t Call Me Oriental, Hannah Arendt + New Visions For Sport (B+A Bulletin #275)

Don’t Call Me Oriental, Hannah Arendt + New Visions For Sport (B+A Bulletin #275)

B+A Breaking

From Shanghai, Portland and London (shout out to the table of a certain Mary Min), to everyone round the world that’s been celebrating this past week: Happy Lunar New Year! Think we’re all here for that reliable + trustworthy oxen energy…

Luke reporting from B+A London, tending to your good content needs this barren mid-February Wednesday. 

Let’s do the thing. Bulletin #275 incoming.

B+A Big Up

Don’t Call Me Oriental is a new shop set up by Mildred Cheng, launched with the greatest synergy last Thursday. It’s all about championing East and Southeast Asian artists and makers, including some of Mildred’s own illustration work. The virtual shop is on this link, and East London locals can visit the IRL exhibition (at a safe distance, natch) at The Steam Room in Haggerston. What better time to support young ESEA artists…

B+A Books etc.

The next B+A Book Club takes place on Thursday 4th March, 5-6pm GMT (9-10am PST) – and you’re invited. We’re revisiting a stalwart of the B+A bookshelf, Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur, with the one and only Andrew Missingham driving the convo. If you wanna be part of the conversation, hit reply to this message and we’ll sort you out with the Zoom. Come join us! (The YouTube summary is also worth watching, so I’m told…)

B+A Babble

Y’all aware of the work of philosopher Hannah Arendt? This quote (excusing the gendered language of the time) vibed with us in a pretty major way:

“By posing the unanswerable questions of meaning, men establish themselves as question-asking beings. Behind all the cognitive questions for which men find answers, there lurk the unanswerable ones that seem entirely idle and have always been denounced as such. It is more than likely that men, if they were ever to lose the appetite for meaning we call thinking and cease to ask unanswerable questions, would lose not only the ability to produce those thought-things that we call works of art but also the capacity to ask all the answerable questions upon which every civilization is founded.”

So, keep asking those questions.

B+A Brilliance

It’s been an inspiring week for some of the biggie UK sports institutions. Beginning with Sport England, who’ve just released their 10 year vision ‘Uniting The Movement’, a thoughtful strategy 18 months in the planning that laser-focuses on sport as a transformational tool to tackle societal inequality. 

Double team this with the Premier League and their fresh-out-the-box No Room For Racism action plan: a set of commitments to eradicate racial prejudice in football, ranging from grassroots player pathways right through to high-level policy partnerships with clubs and grounds. We love to see it.

B+A Bye…

Keep on pluggin, like the brave ox you are.

Luke + Team B+A