Eating Together, Enter Almass, Reinventing Organizations, Simon Frederick & Sustainable Innovation (B+A Bulletin #160)

Eating Together, Enter Almass, Reinventing Organizations, Simon Frederick & Sustainable Innovation (B+A Bulletin #160)

B+A Breaking

Today we’re talking food, stories and innovation…

Here at B+A we often talk about listening with all 5 senses. Today we proved the concept. Our Outlier Aminah invited us all to lunch with her, using food as a lens to journey through her world. Over plates of kofte and pide we talked storytelling, contemporary dance, the axis between religion and culture, and the workshop rulebook. Obligatory blurry selfie  above ↑

And speaking of storytelling, big news below! Read on, B+A Bulletin #160 is ready to serve…

B+A Brilliance

We’ve grown, again! Get cosy round the fire and let me tell you about our new Storyteller, Almass:

Empath. Stories. Snacks. Postcards. Process. Snacks. Curious traveller. Herbal tea drinker. Circular listening. Silver lining. Knows a guy who knows a guy.

She’s really great. See for yourself, say hey to her on [email protected].

B+A Books etc.

B+A Book Club time once again, and this round we were discussing organisational structures, self-management and the future workplace – via Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux.

We might not have been entirely sold on the idea of stages of human consciousness, but Laloux brings to light some fascinating pioneer organisations around the world that approach structure, power and purpose from a whole new perspective. Food for thought indeed.

B+A Big Up

Keep it simple: Last week saw the opening of Black is the New Black, an exhibition by a true innovator and old friend of B+A, Simon Frederick (see Bulletin #65 and #102) at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Get along if you can – his portraits’ use of light is wonderful (and it’s free!)

B+A Babble

Sustainability. The word might be in overkill territory, but the concept is only getting more urgent. And there’s a bunch of very cool brands showing that you’ve got to wear your sustainable values on your sleeve to prove to the people that you care.

Leading the way in traceability is Stockholm-based mens clothing brand Asket, who now trace and publish every stage in their manufacturing journey, from farm to finish line (and made a slick video to show it off). Positioning the S-word front and centre and, crucially, in a way that speaks to the individual. Definitely one to watch.

B+A Bye…

It’s almost dinner time in London, brunch is on order in Portland and Shanghai are sneaking to the fridge for a midnight snack. Is there a better way to connect and share stories than by breaking bread together?

Love, team B+A x