Encouragement. (B+A Bulletin #241)

Encouragement. (B+A Bulletin #241)

B+A Breaking

Hi there, from Robi and team B+A.

Since last week we’ve seen communities rise up and get loud to demand change. And while some of us are now experiencing fatigue, B+A are here to offer encouragement. We must regularly allocate our resources, financial and emotional, to help put an end to police brutality and white supremacy. We will continue, past the momentum of the current moment. And to do that, we have to uplift one another.

Let’s go.

B+A Babble

The sustainability tip this week is to listen in (today!) on this panel discussion.  Zero Waste NYC is holding a virtual workshop to discuss how mainstream discourse on sustainability has left out the tenets of social and economic equality. It’s important that we teach others how sustainability is about more than just environmental protection. Panelists will include: Kristy Drutman/@browngirl_green, Isaias Hernandez/@queerbrownvegan, and Lesley Webb/@lesley_webb.

B+A Brilliance

This week, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, stepped down from his board position and asked that he be replaced by a black person. “I believe resignation can actually be an act of leadership from people in power right now,” Ohanian wrote on his personal website. He also made a $1 million donation to Know Your Rights Camp, the racial-justice nonprofit founded by Colin Kaepernick, as part of Ohanian’s commitment to use profits from his Reddit stock to serve the black community. Ohanian is setting an example for white people in positions of power by having the courage to not talk, but act.

B+A Books

How To be an Antiracist is a memoir that illustrates the author’s personal awakening to his internalized and overt racism. Kendi challenges us to look deeply at our own stories and unconscious patterns of thought and being. Kendi explains how Racist and Anti-Racist are not fixed identities, but are actions and principles we enact or work towards. And that the opposite of Racist isn’t “not-racist:, it is anti-racist”. The middle ground is an illusion. “How to Be an Antiracist promises to become an essential book for anyone who wants to go beyond an awareness of racism to the next step of contributing to the formation of a truly just and equitable society.” You can order the book directly from Kendi’s website.

B+A Brilliance+

Don’t Shoot PDX is a Portland non-profit that advocates for marginalized communities through social justice, art and free legal resources, and encourages civic participation through its online resources and trainings. Currently, they are providing educational resources for those out in the streets and legal services for those who’ve been assaulted by the Portland police. They’ve organized a mutual-aid spreadsheet with GoFundMe’s for the families of those murdered by police, as well as petitions to sign and legal representation to donate to and advocate for. Read up on Don’t Shoot PDX and consider adding them to your personal roster of orgs to send funds to.

B+A Books+

Gay Times Magazine, a UK LGBTQ+ publication, has compiled a list for white viewers looking for education within their Television. You can see the list of recommendations here. A few of them are: The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson (Netflix), Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory (free on Youtube) and I Am Not Your Negro(Amazon Prime).

For those in the UK, Gay Times IG has also recently posted “How to Support Antiracism in the UK”. Check that out here.

B+A Bye…

Take a moment to recognize what you’ve done over the last week. What you’ve read, what you’ve listened to, what you’ve learned. The conversations you’ve had. The range of emotions you’ve felt.

Celebrate yourself for any and all actions you’ve taken, big and small. And give yourself a dose of encouragement to keep it up.

We’re here with you.

Robi and Team B+A