Ethan Murrow, The Embers Collective, VSCO in London & Scala Radio (B+A Bulletin #174)

Ethan Murrow, The Embers Collective, VSCO in London & Scala Radio (B+A Bulletin #174)

B+A Breaking

Bonjour y’all. Ça va?

Yep, this Bulletin comes direct to you from Paris – and with other teamies scattered over New York, Oakland, Chicago and Seoul there’s barely a soul left in any B+A base camp. On the weekend we even (temporarily) maxed out the expense account whooops 💸💸💸

But no matter where we are in the big wide world, you know you can count on your best mate, the B+A Bulletin. Let us take you on journey number 174…

B+A Brilliance

Sampling. Inspiration. Borrowing. Plunderphonics. Homage. Cultural Appropriation.Where do you draw the line?

Ethan Murrow’s days-old show The Grand Theft at Paris’ La Galerie Particulière explores the ethics and potency of appropriation, from colonial crimes through to today’s cancel culture. It’s a satirical and absurdist series of drawings – that get to the juicy questions where creativity meets theft.

Tiny backstreet gallery, big fat recco.

B+A Books etc.

And while we’re talking art, let’s gather round real quick to celebrate storytelling. Although it’s about as ancient an art form as you can get, the term is now associated just as much with the slightly-less-magical world of corporate marketing (soz guys). Which is why groups like London-based the Embers Collective are so important. Through their retelling of world mythologies in unusual settings, they remind us just how wildy ethereal, and steeped in heritage, storytelling should be.

B+A Big Up

We love VSCO. And not just because we work with them (but that’s pretty cool too) – almost everyone in the B+A team uses their magnificent app to level up their photography skills. And so can you! VSCO are hosting an immersive workshop in London on Feb 13th, celebrating colour and texture as forms of identity. Goooo.

B+A Babble

New radio stations ain’t much of a thing, but Scala Radio might just catch your attention. It’s a new classical music station, launching on 4th March, that aims to speak to the apparent 45% of young people who want to know more about the genre. And their approach is (we think) bang on: by showcasing music in films and video games, passing the mic to crossover artists like Goldie and Thom Yorke, and even – wait for it – introducing a little bit of d.i.v.e.r.s.i.t.y.

B+A Bye…

Aaaand in case none of that was useful or interesting, how about this: if a downloaded pdf file ends .exe then it’s defo a virus.

You can have that one for free.

Team B+A

PS ! We’re on the hunt for new faces in both our Portland and London studios. <- Check the links, tell ya mates. You could even forward them this post…