Exploration ➡️ Discovery. (B+A Bulletin #246)

Exploration ➡️ Discovery. (B+A Bulletin #246)

B+A Breaking

Portland, good morning !
London, good evening !
And Shanghai, hey, what you doing up at this hour ?

Luke here, live and direct from London basecamp. And speaking of live… it’s not too late to check out B+A’s own Adesuwa and Alex on IG Live with Chloe Pierre of thy.self. Chloe, Ade and Alex spent Monday chatting diversity and inclusion in the workplace – it’s a candid conversation, thoughtfully explored, and worth your eyes+ears.

And with that, your first bookmark bookmarked, onto the rest. Here’s ya Bulletin #246.

B+A Brilliance

Behind the scenes, Andrew and Tamika have been busy on something pretty big. These past weeks, prompted by the recent horrific killing of George Floyd and subsequent protests, they’ve been working closely with David GyasiSimon Frederick and a whole host of cultural movers and thinkers to define a new word for the oppression of Black people. A word that cannot be appropriated. A word that has power.

That word is: kneeneck (/ˈniː/nɛk/)

We’ll share more about this in the coming weeks, because there’s a lot to talk about. But if you want more right now, check out this podcast in which David Gyasi breaks down the process..

B+A Big Up

What if we could see how we feel? This is the question Jack Moolark, pal of B+A, has been considering during lockdown. And now (with your help) it might be possible: Jack has teamed up with Parametrica Studio + Concept Object to create a ‘Feels Machine’ that makes it possible to visualise emotions – from confusion and turmoil, to jubilation and growth – by creating unique patterns of artistic ripples and turn emotions into art.

The Kickstarter is live, but closes on Friday. And it’s nearly there – your contribution could be what’s needed to get this brilliant project into the world. Let’s celebrate, challenge and visualise the way we feel.

B+A Books etc.

Millennial readers might have noticed a fair bit of heartbreakingly-sharp derision  recently from the next generation. It seems Gen Z have found their voice, and are using it to distinguish themselves from their elders. And it stings.

Wanna prove you’re not just another Harry Potter-obsessed plant mom who can’t use hashtags properly? Dazed Digital have just released this killer report on Gen Z youth culture and influence – not only is it a thing of insightful and aesthetic beauty, but it might even give you a little bit of hope about the cause-driven world they’ll inherit. Click here for the keys.

B+A Babble

Kirby Ferguson is a cratedigger of the mind. His theory, Everything is a Remix, explores the notion that there is no such thing as a new idea – just the collision of existing ideas into hybrid concepts.

Taken within the context of the internet, this gets really juicy. Infinite choices of what content you collide with, and algorithms that encourage this content to get increasingly extreme, can (and does) impact the way we think. Kirby has made this short film about his theory using (appropriately) cut up footage from movie history. See what he’s got to say, and protect your independent thought. Unless…is that a contradiction?

B+A Bye…

Ok ok I know. Lots to chew through here. But aren’t you glad you stopped by?

Luke and Team B+A