Extinguish, Nourish. (B+A Bulletin #255)

Extinguish, Nourish. (B+A Bulletin #255)

B+A Breaking

Hullo hullo, and come on in. 

With one corner of the B+A triumvirate located in Portland, OR, we can feel the heat and destruction of the West Coat fires hotter than some. We’re wishing all our friends so much love + strength during this latest manifestation of the climate crisis.

We want to build a better future, for business and the world. Robi mentioned this last week, but ICYMI here’s one more nudge: encouraging you to join us next week for a virtual book writing workshop where we will Build The Future, together. It’s only 45 mins, and we’ve got sessions in all 3 B+A timezones. So there’s no excuses – click click!

In the meantime, here’s a bit more from inside the B+A headspace to keep you fuelled this Wednesday. Here’s Bulletin #255.

B+A Books etc.

At B+A we have a lottttt of books. Some we wrote, most we didn’t. So many books, in fact, that we’ve got a whole B+A library (complete with Dewey Decimal filing system – not even kidding). 

This week Andrew has been revisiting some of his favourites that explore + seriously critique the cultural significance of the internet, and sharing the gems with the team. You’ll have to drop him a note for the full list (I promise you, he wants you to reach out) but curious minds could start herehere, or even, here. Soz Mark Zuckerberg, you ain’t welcome here.

B+A Big Up

Appreciate this one’s a bit last minute – but worth a shot, because it really matters. Starting in just 4 hours (5pm EST, 9pm UK) the Andrew W Mellon Foundation is hosting a virtual panel discussion on The Power of Monuments and Memorials. They’ve got big names at the table, including former US Poet Laureate Natasha Trethaway and David Blight from Yale University, chatting about the preservation, determination and undermining of history through our physical icons. We need this debate this year. If you’re free this afternoon/evening, register here.

B+A Babble

Creative subversion and club culture: just two of the autonomies robbed of young people by 2020. This was the bitter aftertaste left from a visit to London’s Design Museum to check out their new exhibition Electronic, an overarching look at dance subcultures from the last 50 years.

The show serves as a stark reminder of the inherent politicism of creative fringes – which naturally leads the mind to wonder what the ramifications will be of a year (plus…) without clubs and dancefloors. If you’re London-based and symptom-free, it’s worth checking out – to remind yourself that we need this world, but also for the pulsating beat alone.

B+A Brilliance

And now we’re on a music hype… A while back Andrew was speaking at an event with our friends Born ’n’ Bread, where he was introduced by acting student and entrepreneur Marvell Fayose, to a certain Joy White. Joy is a researcher specialising in youth and ‘urban’ music, and now author of Terraformed – a deep-dive into austerity, gentrification and racism in our inner cities. And here she is speaking about the book, interviewed by rapper and artist Kano for his Newham Talks series.

B+A Bye…

HOKAY. We know the world is on fire, but there are people in the world working to put it out. 

And guess what: you’re one of them.

Luke and Team B+A