Eye Hug You. (B+A Bulletin #250)

Eye Hug You. (B+A Bulletin #250)

B+A Breaking

Hi B+A enthusiasts. What’s new? What’s shaking? What’s baking? What’s up? What’s down? What’s going on around you? Heard any good QUESTions lately??

Robi coming at you with another pic of sweetness spotted in Portland. Hug someone with your eyes…. To my *virtual* eye-hug: Bulletin #250.

B+A Brilliance

Maybe you remember around October last year we started getting all uneducated. It was a privilege + joy to be part of the team making Samsung’s Not a School a brand new reality for 18-25yos all over London.  

Well, ain’t it swell when good leads to even better? We’re back again, and this time Not a School is open to 18-25yos from all across the UK. There are courses on tackling loneliness, restructuring education, sustainability and cancel culture. And applications are open right now  until Sunday 16th.

Visionary young minds of the nation, your time has come. Apply now. You may even recognise a face or two in the faculty…

B+A Babble

This week our local Portland newsletter Bridgeliner wrote a new piece on climate and race: “Black lives haven’t always mattered to the climate movement. Here’s how to fix that.” It has some great bullet points for thought and action. One of the orgs they recommend supporting is OPAL which stands for Organizing People / Activating Leaders. OPAL is not only concerned with green spaces and access to public transit in our city, but they are committed to fighting the historic and systemic racism that minority groups experience. OPAL lives right at the intersection of environmental and social justice. “We are building a movement for Environmental Justice led by those who are most impacted.”

B+A Books

The Henna Wars is an autobiographical novel by author Adiba Jairgirdar. Nishat, the protagonist of Henna Wars, is the daughter of Indian immigrant parents who fled Bangladesh to have a “love marriage” and defy the tradition of arranged marriage. Despite her parents success to fight the culture they were born into, Nishat’s parents cannot accept her queerness. This entertaining book really made me think back to my own high school experience of being a queer women in a conservative home. Despite how difficult it was for me, I did not have to also contend with the burden of racism Nishat carries as she’s a brown immigrant in Dublin, Ireland.

B+A Big Up

Change. She’s bittersweet. With a heavy, full heart we wish the fondest farewell to Algy from the LDN squad. Algy’s been a friend to B+A from aaaaall the way back when, and during his time in Problem-Solver mode has brought inquisitive sharpness and style to every project he’s touched. Right now Algy is out livin that mountain life in Chamonix, before he comes back to London to put all that heart into his other hustle: Art of Ping Pong. If you didn’t get the chance to say adieu, he’s at [email protected].

B+A Bye…

Thanks to Tamika for filling in last week. Was brill, as always. Hoping that this holiday month is bringing you R&R. Or if you’re darn sick of R&R, well. I hope you’re getting what you need.

Until next time,
Robi and Team B+A