Fela x Carhartt, British Library Food Season, The 1% Project PDX & Vocal Bursts (B+A Bulletin #183)

Fela x Carhartt, British Library Food Season, The 1% Project PDX & Vocal Bursts (B+A Bulletin #183)

B+A Breaking

Evening all, how are you?

This plant-filled sanctuary is Conservatory Archives in Hackney, temporary home of the B+A Bulletin news desk earlier this week. The truest, calmest vibe. Get yourself a chlorophyll fix, and thank us later.

And nudging your energy bar ever nearer to that sweet 100, enter Bulletin #183… 

B+A Brilliance

Just cos she’s living in another continent, that’s not gonna stop Nicola keeping the home team tipped off to the best that London has to offer. Her latest recco? The British Library’s Food Season: two months of talks, tastings and workshops, exploring a deeelicious menu of topics, from how to write about and photograph food, to the way society treats female celebrity chefs.

We’re checking out this one on the future of farming. Oh! You should totally come too.

B+A Books etc.

Last week Elliot and Andrew donned their finest hipster garms to celebrate the launch of a tantalising new collaboration between Carhartt and the estate of Fela Kuti. Fela Love quickly became the topic of the day with the team. And let’s face it, we could all do with knowing more about the magic of the Black President, so André made a lil crib sheet for those after some schooling.

[The above is just a sample, you know you’re gonna have to say hey to get the full picture.]

B+A Big Up

Design Portland is a multi-disciplinary festival all about how design can change PDX (and ultimately, the big wide world) for the better. One local problem they’ve set their sights on is homelessness, and designer Jessica Helgerson has used the platform to launch the One Percent Project: a programme enacting meaningful change to end homelessness in Portland.

Yep, it’s a big task. But Jessica believes that through collaboration and a focus on community it can be done. And that’s gotta be the place to start, right?

B+A Babble

When we’re not babbling away using words, humans vocalise emotion through vocal bursts (basically, all the oohs and uhh you only realise you do when you’re transcribing a workshop recording #killmenow). 

PhD student Alan S. Cowen thinks there’s more emotional nuance in vocal bursts than we currently given them credit for, so made a massive interactive map of a whole heap of them. Worth it for the thorough and robust research obv, but also a LOT of fun just swimming through this map of human emotion (major key: headphones advised for the Lust and Ecstasy sections).

B+A Bye…

It’s always SUCH a pleasure hanging with you.

And thanks for sharing your love for Ben’s video too. Next week, her story is coming straight from the heart…

Team B+A