Fierce conversations, solutions + hello Katy Dawe. (B+A Bulletin #265)

Fierce conversations, solutions + hello Katy Dawe. (B+A Bulletin #265)

B+A Breaking

Our fearless bulletin wrangler Robi is out for the next few days, and her sidekick, Luke (the boy wonder) is head-deep this week in late night workshop action. So ya’ll are stuck with this makeshift excuse of a bat signal. Don’t worry, Robi and Luke are fine and will be back soon. And for that I am grateful. 

Oh, and like what you see? Well, you can buy this print to support a very worthy cause that prevents violence through art. But we have to confess an interest… 

B+A Brilliance

…Because, it’s been a long while coming, and she’s finally here. Drum roll please. 

Welcome to the B+A team, Art Against Knives founder Katy Dawe! We’re beyond thrilled to have this new Problem Solver with us. Here’s a sneak peak : 

Social Change. System change. Sunday’s fun mum. Pattern > colour > repeat. Don’t know, just learn. Art Against Knives. Any tea but Rooibos. Always take the backstreets. Plant killer. 

If you feel so inclined, you can send her a note to welcome her along at [email protected]

B+A Babble

For those residing state side this week, consider curling up with a sustainable cup of a something warming and this article from the New York Times How to Do Thanksgiving With Less WasteA blend of indigenous history and wisdom, read on to be a more conscious steward of the Earth this holiday season. 

B+A Big Up

London’s current lockdown has seen not just schools stay open, but adult and community education too. Meaning, Andrew and his daughter’s regular Saturdays at the brilliant Hampstead School of Art are still on. But you don’t have to be in London to get your art fix – HSoA (like the world) is now online. Join in at

Yes, the Andrew Missingham crafted this dreamy art. 

B+A Books etc.

Last week, our team huddled for B+A Bookclub to discuss Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. The takeaways? 

“We all have our own reality, which is dangerous when they are not shared.” 

“Our most valuable currency is relationship. Emotional capital.”

And the big one… “most conversations happen in our head. Sometimes they include other people.”

B+A Bye…

As they say in the bear cave, “mo honey mo problems”. Enjoy and appreciate the abundance of what is already present.  

Mo + team B+A