For Freedoms and Girls (B+A Bulletin #258)

For Freedoms and Girls (B+A Bulletin #258)

B+A Breaking

Greetings and salutations readers. Robi here, surviving and thriving amidst the ongoing and insurmountable chaos that is “reality” right now. How you hanging in? You finding things to keep you motivated?

For those in the US with a growing sense of November 3 dread, take a look at For Freedoms. They’re trying to bring back the JOY in voting! Radical, huh?

For Freedoms is an artist-led organization that models and increases creative civic engagement, discourse and direct action.

As a free resource they’ve developed the Infinite Playbook, a document meant to be read and shared with your local community. We know (by now) that we can’t just sit back and watch behind our screens. Let’s get out there with them!

B+A Brilliance

Enter The Black Report. It’s an online, deep-dive into the founders of Black UK start-ups that asks key and personal questions: Who are these Black creative entrepreneurs? What are they inspired by? How’d they do it? Andy Davis, founder of 10×10, introduces the project in this video and, along with colleague Anima Henry, gives a forward in Section 1.1 of the report.

Inspiring the next generation of Black entrepreneurs is at the heart of this project. By offering crucial insights for allies and the startup ecosystem, we hope to educate and provide timely information on how to navigate cultural differences best to form successful partnerships as angel investors, VCs, accelerators, mentors, and customers of Black founders. We all play a role in the success of the early-stage businesses in our community.

And shoutout to friend of the B+A fam, Samuel Abaka-Wood on the coding and tech design for The Black Report!

B+A Brilliance II

Shout out to our friends at the Guildhall School’s BA in Performance & Creative Enterprise who will perform this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as part of Chapters: an eclectic online festival of brand-new performance.

Chapters celebrates the plurality, politics and ferocious power of PACE’s graduates. The course was established to train visionary, socially engaged, multi-disciplinary and autonomous artists and that they’ve become – creating immersive soundscapes, spoken word, rap theatre, experimental short films and stand-up comedy to share with you.

Support and celebrate them by tuning in from 6pm UK time – more details here.

B+A Books

What really are boundaries anyway? In “Unf*ck Your Boudaries” Dr Faith G Harper explores this question that seems to be running its current through society at large. As a psychologist, trauma counselor and champion of non-violent communication, Dr Harper is well positioned to tell us. So. Why do we collectively have bad boundaries? Short answer: Patriarchy. Long answer? Read to find out..
The book comes with questions at the end of each chapter for your own reflection, and can even be purchased with a workbook to interrogate the themes further. It’s published by a Portland press, Microcosm, who sell Dr Harper’s other riveting titles; her best known “Unf*ck your Brain” is a must-read. Happy evolving!

B+A Big Up


Our long-time friends at Girl Effect use the power of media to unlock the power of girls. From chatbots to chatshows and TV dramas to tech, Girl Effect is creating content that helps girls make positive choices and changes in their life.

It’s a universal truth: every girl and woman has been told to know their place. On the International Day of the Girl (October 11) we want girls around the world to know that their place is anywhere they want.

Will you join us and our community by taking part in #TheGirlEffect on your social channels? What did society, family, bosses tell you that you were SUPPOSE TO do? What you CHOSE TO do? Share your SUPPOSE TO / CHOSE TO story  on your social channels. And tag one friend who inspires you to share theirs. Why just one? Because when one girl finds her power to make different choices that change her life, it inspires others to do so too. It creates a ripple effect. That’s #TheGirlEffect.

With so much negativity in the media, let’s all create a positive moment for girls! Join us and #TheGirlEffect from Thursday October 8 – Sunday October 11!

B+A Bye…

Since it’s an infinite loop, we just can’t lose.

See you out there.

Robi and Team B+A