Frieze Week, Firelei Báez, Blindspotting, Goldsmiths CCA & James Bridle (B+A Bulletin #159)

Frieze Week, Firelei Báez, Blindspotting, Goldsmiths CCA & James Bridle (B+A Bulletin #159)

B+A Breaking

Oh, hi!

*puts down paintbrushes, picks up laptop*

Last week was Frieze week, which saw much of the London team bouncing from private view to launch party to film screenings…you get the idea. We’re running with the art theme today, and as André’s currently in Shanghai and therefore wasn’t able to contribute his artistic 2 cents, he’s sent us a modern day masterpiece instead. MoMA, is that you on the phone?

The canvas is prepped and ready, bring on B+A Bull-art-in #159…

B+A Brilliance

‘Joy out of Fire’: it’s an evocative title. And when your subject is the historic underrepresentation of woman of colour, ‘joy’ isn’t exactly the instinctive emotional response. But Firelei Báez has done something extraordinary with this topic, taking marginalised women from across eras and experiences, and reimagining them in conversation in a collection of massive, vibrant portraits.

Báez’s show is on at Studio Museum Harlem until the end of November, and the women’s original stories are preserved in archives at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

B+A Books etc.

We think Tony and Grammy winning actor, rapper and singer Daveed Diggs (he of Thomas Jefferson off of Hamilton) and his lifelong best friend Raphael Casal have made one of the most interesting debut movies for years. Blindspotting is the tale of gentrification in Oakland, CA (home of B+A client VCSO) and its effect on communities. Shocking, thought-provoking and often very funny, it’s on general release this week.

B+A Big Up

This one’s more of a personally-prompted Big Up, I admit, but you’re gonna love it. Goldsmiths UoL has just opened a fresh new gallery in beautiful South East London, traditionally the underdog cultural quarter of the capital. The Centre for Contemporary Art is housed in a refurbished swimming pool and its inaugural show is just as immersive:  a captivating set of absurdist, queasy films and purpose-built sculptural objects by Mika Rottenberg. Take a trip south to check it out, it’s warmer down there!

B+A Babble

Exploring the dark side of new technologies and their danger to society, James Bridle is the speaker at this year’s Gerard O’Carroll Memorial Lecture at the Whitechapel Gallery on 8 November. The series invites kindred maverick thinkers to see beyond our assumptions and imagine what the world can be. Intriguing, right? And you’ll want to go even more when you find out that Rosy is one the collaborators who makes it happen.

B+A Bye…

Enough art – we’ll be back to business (the B+A version, obv) next week. Where amongst other things we’ll be discussing the future of organisational structures and the divisiveness of the colour teal – according to Jenny, “possibly the worst named colour there is”.

Til then…

Love, team B+A x