Funnybones, Au Revoir Abi, Oslo’s Intercultural Museumm Marlon James & Welcoming Alex (B+A Bulletin #177)

Funnybones, Au Revoir Abi, Oslo’s Intercultural Museumm Marlon James & Welcoming Alex (B+A Bulletin #177)

B+A Breaking

Hi there wonderful people,

You look nice today – like what you’ve done with the hair.

So, here’s the thing – I know I pinky-promised that the Bulletin would be returned to its rightful owner by now. But I may have jinxed it last week… poor Luke fractured his arm today after coming off his bike. So, its me again – Tamika. Please do send him all the love, cyclist in-jokes and memes to make him smile/forget the pain today.

In other news, Accidental Power Cut round two is on the horizon. We’re minutes away from the sounds of Shabaka Hutchings and co. We’ll see some of you there in a bit. Niiice.

But for now, please sink your teeth into Bulletin 177…

B+A Brilliance

Abi – hair like a mermaid, mouth like a sailor. The woman who makes power-moves on the daily (in the most low-key and humble way) left us at B+A this week. Now this isn’t the place for teary goodbyes – plus, Abi doesn’t really do goodbyes, she’s more of a ‘reincarnations’ kinda lady…

Abi your work, warmth and care for us has been and will continue to be felt at B+A.
We rate you loads, and can’t wait to see you flourish in your next chapter.

B+A Books etc.

On Monday, Tamika went along to the London launch of Marlon James’ first novel in his highly anticipated Dark Star trilogy with Ekow Eshun. See, B+A graduates always stay in touch – thank you Jenny!

Drawn from vivid East African history and mythology and meticulously researched for 2 years – Black Leopard, Red Wolf sounds like a saga of fantastical adventure  – a novel James is proud to tell you requires some work and investment. Challenge accepted, good Sir.

B+A Big Up

We’d love to officially welcome Alex to you, and you to Alex. She’s been bringing the energy and the smarts to the London office for two weeks now, and is our newest Problem-Solver. Her in a nutshell: Y’awright bab? Producing. People. Watching. The joy of cooking (finally). Spreadsheet + glass of wine. Making the next thing happen before we know what the next thing is.

Give her the warmest welcome at [email protected] – drop her a line, she has good chat.

B+A Babble

So Luke totally saw the northern lights on holiday in Norway last week. Bucket list, check. But while he was in the area (sorta) he also stopped by Oslo’s brilliant Intercultural Museum – where they’re currently exploring the many and nuanced guises of societal prejudice. Yes, it’s heavy stuff, but the exhibits are deliberately interactive and playful.

Is it ever ok to make sweeping statements about people from a particular country? Why do immigrants often not make many ‘native’ friends? When does categorisation become reductivism? And surely most importantly, what role can a specially-commissioned techno dance beat play in answering these meaty questions?

B+A Bye…

Stay curious. Actively look for inspiration if you’re after it. Take care of your bones.
Love always,
Team B+A