Global sounds, webinars, and liminal space. (B+A Bulletin #276)

Global sounds, webinars, and liminal space. (B+A Bulletin #276)

B+A Breaking

Spotted tweet on our Discord channel this week. “why does every website landing page look like this now?” All laughs.. and over-sighs..

But also: does anyone know how The Art World is doing right now?


Let’s just get into the content of Bulletin #276 because there’s lots going on this week and we don’t want to waste any more of your time! 

B+A Big Up

Our clients over at the British Council in China are running a 3 day conference Wednesday – Friday this week (you’re not too late, it’s ongoing!). China Now Conference: Cultural Exchange in the New Normal. The program looks like it could be interesting: art, sustainability, urban development… And hey, it’s free! For all that free time you’ve got(?) at the moment 😉

B+A Books etc

This week’s book rec comes at you from our dear Mo. It’s a memoir called Thin Places: Essay from In Between. The author, Jordan Kisner, (and her writing) are queer (she’s somewhat bi-sexual, and somewhat interested in “god”). She’s thinking about slits and sites of liminality. So what happens there, in these thin places? Kisner writes, “thin places” are where the barrier between the physical world and the spiritual world wears thin and becomes porous.” Are memoirs a valid form of history to you? Thoughts, please! 

B+A Babble

Interested in forming a Green Team at your organization? Starting tomorrow in Oregon, (8:30am PST – so those in Europe and Asia, you’ll still be up!) Clark County Green Businessis hosting a virtual workshop series on how to begin and manage your own team dedicated to sustainability.

Tomorrow’s session is dedicated to “forming and management,” but the webinar is spread out over three days, the next three months, and will also cover waste prevention and ways to creatively track progress and how to enact larger change within your organization. Meet us there?

B+A Brilliance

Giulia found and shared this DOPE website with the team on slack this week. It’s a site where you can tune in to radio stations from around the world by moving the globe around, zooming in and out of locations. (For the first half of this Bulletin I was listening to Russian Orthodox chants from a station in Cheboksary, Russia, and now I’m listening to pop music on 90.8 Radio Mann in Vidisha, India.)

B+A Bye…

Lots to attend and ponder this week, folks.

But what’s got your goat right now? What’s shaking you up, getting you inspired, getting you out of bed? We’d love to know.

We’d really love to know.

Wishing you lots of good things,,
Robi + Team B+A