Go outside. (B+A Bulletin #252)

Go outside. (B+A Bulletin #252)

B+A Breaking

Hi hi hi there Bulletin-ers,

It’s the end of August. That means bank holidays. That means “holidays”. AKA vacations. Even though it’s still Covid times, we (and probably, you) are still trying to explore the world and soak up summer the best we can. Here in Portland the weather has already started to take a turn. And the cool, fall mornings have me GIDDY! But I digress… it’s still summer! Checkout that view from Kelsey’s recent roadtrip across the mid-west! (That’s, middle of the US for people who’ve never heard..)

Robi here to get you something to chew on while you stew in your summer memories..

B+A Brilliance

Speaking of the great outdoors (one more stunning pic from Kelsey’s adventure), how much money would it take for you to get off technology for 2 days? $1,000? How about $1,000 and an RV, in a national park? That’s exactly what Satellite Internet is offering one lucky winner. “Get paid to digitally detox”. What’s the catch? Don’t know! But they’re advertising it as Satellite’s Dream Job. “Whether you’re a city slicker, a suburban student, or a rural resident, we welcome anyone to apply who’s looking for a little more nature time.” Just gotta be over 25 and be eligible to work in the US. Get at that application! I sure did. 

B+A Babble

Have you heard of Nice White Parents yet? It’s the newest serial podcast from the New York Times. Episode 6 was just released this week, but don’t fret with FOMO – you can catch up! Nice White Parents follows journalist Chana Joffe-Walt as she sets out as a (white) parent in NYC trying to find the “best” middle school for her child. Long story short, New York Public Schools are segregated. And she looks at the 60 year history of one Cobble Hill school to try and understand why. It’s riveting. Check it.

B+A Books

This week’s book is a novel you don’t want to sleep on. Fellow Problem Solver Mo has been raving about it for a few weeks and is now gracing the Bulletin with a review.

“Where the Crawdads Sing” is a lush garden of imagery. The perfect cocktail of science and literature you didn’t know you needed. In the marshes of the Carolinas, young Kya is left to raise herself after her broken family falls a part. Wild, resilient, and beautiful, the town sees her as none of these things, only the marsh girl. When an unexplained death happens in her small community, she is suspect number one and only. Kya’s resilience and rebellion against convention will have you racing to the end and will stay in your bones well after the last page.

B+A Books II

You’ve heard about B+A Book In an Hour. Well now we’re coming at you with Book in 20 minutes! Back in June Andrew was asked to speak at Management Today’s Leadership Lessons Live Conference on the tools needed for the future of business. But in true Missingham fashion he didn’t just speak, he prompted a book writing session. Our newest B+A text (written by those 400 conference participants) is called Innovate Or Die: Collected Business Wisdom in the Age of Covid-19, can be read online here. And if you wanna get your hands on a pretty little irl copy (designed by yours truly) reach out to [email protected]

B+A Bye…

Thanks for tuning in.

Oh – and my sustainability tip for the week? Just go outside. Go outside and stay out there for a while. It’s good for you.

Enjoy your surroundings,
Robi and Team B+A