Happy You’re Close. (B+A Bulletin #235)

Happy You’re Close. (B+A Bulletin #235)

B+A Breaking

Out for a bike ride yesterday, filling in more of the edges on my personal Portland map, I came across this street art. Some small-ish, chalk-hands left a love note and it felt like it was just for me. It made me weak, to say the least.

Things are still weird. And I’ve personally given up on guessing where “the end” of this tunnel is. But we are still here, with the children and the lavender and all that will ceaselessly grow through the cracks.

Let’s get you your weekly dose of B+A hot-tips & hot-takes!

B+A Big Up

Our very own Missingham is at it again with another article in UK’s “Management Today”. This month: What can we learn from China about post-lockdown life? I don’t want to spoil the fun of reading it for you by giving a summary here…. so I’ll just leave you with this: Sediment.

B+A Babble

I’m here again with another green tip on how you can cultivate a more sustainable life during quarantine times. Now is the perfect time to get your garden on! Even though most of us don’t have access to the space or land required to plant, the smallest of balconies or sliver of a window can become a place of a growth, food and education. If you’re new to growing, scallions are a great place to start; they require less light than most plants and need very little maintenance. Radishes and microgreens also do great indoors, and they’re all quite easy to keep healthy! You can grow potatoes in a tote bag and spinach just needs adequate drainage. If you want to read about starting your own windowsill herb garden this one’s for you. Happy planting

B+A Brilliance

We’ve heard how most of you want to know more about how we do what we do here at B+A. So allow me to introduce you to one of our Fixers, Olivia! Wait, what’s a fixer? Well. You know how we travel around the world, conducting research in major cities? Olivia is one of the people who helps us find potential participants in those major cities who are willing and interested to talk with us. Fixers are really the backbone of our recruitment process, giving us the time we need to focus on developing our strategy for interviews and workshops instead of the hours it can take to recruit. We pass along a brief to her and a few spreadsheets later, our workshop participants are filled in, confirmed and ready to chat.

When she’s not working with B+A, Olivia is writing songs! She’s a musician and songwriter husting hard in the music biz of LA. Olivia writes for all genres of artists and releases her own music under the name Olivia Noelle. Check her out and support her music! She’s an extended family member of the B+A gang, so show her some love.

B+A Books etc.

Our PDX friends at Pros Before Bros recommended this book for World Book Day last week.

“Reading Severance is an eerie parallel of our current state of the world. Picture this : New York is empty after a strange fungal infection called Shen Fever has infected the population. Candace Chen remains, fulfilling a contract that promises her $$$ so long as she stays working whilst grief and disease ravishes the planet. She’s one of the last humans left in the city. I had no idea whether reading a novel about a global pandemic would help or hinder – it’s done neither. But it certainly has kickstarted the journey to break and re-create “normal” – whatever that means….” – Tamika

B+A Bye…

Just as this newsletter began, reader, I am so happy you’re close! All this isolation has me more grateful than ever for my community.

If you’re craving something quasi-spiritual, i’ve been loving the Ram Dass podcast, “Be Here Now”. It’s essentially an archive of Ram’s lectures throughout his life. The episodes on “listening for your Dharma” feel particularly timely during these extended moments of self-interrogation.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Robi and Team B+A