Human Library, Bright Lite, Dream Rehab and POC Travel Smarts (B+A Bulletin #162)

Human Library, Bright Lite, Dream Rehab and POC Travel Smarts (B+A Bulletin #162)

B+A Breaking

Hi there, and more importantly, Happy Hallowe’en!

Coincidentally, we’re countering today’s celebration of the supernatural by keeping it very human in this week’s Bulletin. Including what we can learn through our differences (by Luke), how we can help realise each other’s ambitions (courtesy of Almass) and exploring the world together (by Tamika). Admittedly not very spooky, but the world’s scary enough, right?

Whether you’re tricking, treating, or retreating out of sight of those meddling kids, here’s your B+A Bulletin number 666 (lol jk, 162).

B+A Brilliance

Here at B+A we are big believers in learning from people, human to human, and (when possible) face to face. So we really, really like the Human Library. It’s a global movement championing conversation as a vehicle to challenging prejudices across society. Browse their ‘books’ – including Refugee, Homeless and Sexually Abused – or even better, meet them irl at an event, from Botswana to Birmingham to West Bengal.

B+A Books etc.

California-based Bright Lite is a physical magazine and open shared journal created by and for Gen Z. It’s a collection of very real stories, advice-giving and memes (obv), written by kids aged 18 and under – but who seem to possess the kind of wisdom the rest of us are still seeking out.

Check out 15yo Wunmi, fighting the good fight through her message that “you are your own kind of beauty.” Oh, and our Almass took her stunning shots.

B+A Big Up

“Isolation is a Dream Killer!” So says Reuben Christian – comedian, presenter and organiser of workshop series Dream Rehab. His ethos is based on the strength of collaboration and community building: using the power within the room to facilitate that potentially spiny process of achieving your dreams. Yep, we can def get behind that. His next London workshop takes place this Sunday and you might want to check it out here.

B+A Babble

Travel is both a privilege and an important part of how we interact with the world, widen perspectives and tackle challenges. This meme sums up the reality of travelling for many black and brown people. This is where initiatives like On She Goes and Travel Noire step in : helping POC travel more confidently, adventurously and more often. Because, well, we deserve to. It’s that simple. Aye.

B+A Bye…

Witching Hour’s over for this week guys. But if you’re London-based and want one last hurrah for Hallow’s Eve, come and commemorate the end of the worldtonight at the Barbican. See you there…

Love from,
Team B+A