Humanity Showing Upppppp (B+A Bulletin #230)

Humanity Showing Upppppp (B+A Bulletin #230)

B+A Breaking

Hello !

Before we get into anything, it’s very important we specify that this bleak + mesmerising snap of an empty Piccadilly Circus, taken by Andrew, was captured PRE London lockdown. Promise !

And yep, things are just as surreal as they were last time we hung out. We’re keeping sane with twice-daily team huddles, quizzes (shout out Nic on the mic) and getting properly serious with our B-Corp application. Because whatever happens in the coming weeks, this is a time for humanity.

More on our B-Corp journey soon enough – til then, feel free to get within 2 metres of this B+A Bulletin #230: hug at will.

B+A Brilliance

Wowowow – we humans are nothing if not resourceful. Here’s a rich and diverse list of amazing learning resources for adults and children, put together by an NHS worker in the UK (medal material, surely…) for anyone isolated at home.

Covering everything from virtual tours to online courses to prayer live streams, this is gonna keep us all learned.

B+A Babble

Reluctantly and respectfully, we gotta draw your attention to this thought pieceby the zeitgeist-y creative consultancy (what!Nemesis. Still somewhat a work in progress, Nemesis took the decision to hit the publish button on this essay prematurely – after all, it’s all about the demise of the experience economy, and right now everything is cancelled. So yea, makes sense.

You’ll need a bit of time if you want to dig in properly, but it’s worth it. Hiss.

B+A Books etc.

But maybe just because you’re homebound that don’t mean you’re any more time-rich (anyone snap?). In which case this ultra bitesize podcast, Becoming Wise, can be your saving grace. In each 5 minute episode, presenter Krista Tippett gets unbelievably deep in conversation with a range of guests, all delivered with ultimate gentility.

B+A Big Up

I’m gonna level with ya. The plan today was to send big ups out to all the amazing orgs, charities and people who are keeping our spirits up during this crisis: the people switching up business models to keep the economy going, or diverting resource to serve the most needy.

Across the team we have been hearing and deliberately sharing stories from across our 3 bases (the Slack has been fire), and tbh now there are just too many to name. So this instead is a huge Big Up to everyone, from gal-dem to Brigade to Audible to PDX’s Yoga Space, who hasn’t let Covid-19 stop them in their tracks. This energy will get us out the other side forreal.

B+A Bye…

See you next time. 

Luke and Team B+A