Hydration Station. (B+A Bulletin #247)

Hydration Station. (B+A Bulletin #247)

B+A Breaking

Happy hydration Bulletin readers! That’s my dog, Kinga, on the left, you know, just drinking from the water fountain on a hot day. We’ve had a glorious streak of sunny heat and none of us can get enough of the time outdoors (socially distanced, of course).

Grab a cold beverage and sit tight (for 3 minutes) cause it’s Bulletin #247!

B+A Brilliance

Last week Alex found this sweet lil’ quarantine project called Window Swap. It’s so simple, and so serine. You can click through and look out other peoples windows from across the world, changing up your view, and maybe even bringing in new light as your lockdown continues. Have a sexy window yourself? You can submit your own to to the creators! They ask for 10 minutes of HD video and a blurb about your location. All shapes and sizes of windows are welcome 🙂

B+A Babble

I know what you’ve all been thinking. Robi, it’s summer now. Can we please get another Sustainability tip? How about, BEEKEEPING?! It’s not as hard as you think! Mason bees don’t make honey (and therefore aren’t as famous as the honeybee), but they are amazing pollinators! If you know anything about pollen you know that we need it to grow food like apples, pears, blueberries, etc and the pollinator population has been declining for years. By keeping mason bees you can support the pollination of your neighborhood, be closer to your own food production and closer to the biodiversity surrounding you! Crown Bees has all the tools for keeping mason bees, along with loads of info on how to get it going. Happy pollinating!

B+A Books+

Book rec this week is a double-whammy. In a recent episode of Sugar Calling, Cheryl Strayed spoke with Native author and Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo. On the podcast, Joy reads her poem, “I release you, Fear” from her newest collection of poems, An American Sunrise. Joy also talks with Cheryl about her childhood when she attended a Bureau of Indian Education boarding school in the 1960s.

Joy speaks more about her upbringing in her 2012 memoir Crazy Brave. Despite the abusive home she was raised in, and the difficulty of becoming a single, teenage mother, Harjo excavates her once devistated voice through the spirituality of poetry. You can purchase the incredible memoir from an indie bookstore here.

B+A Big Up

This week we’re highlighting a Portland org that we think is doing important work in our community. Self Enhancement Inc was established in 1981 by North Portland native, Tony Hopson. What started off as a week-long basketball camp has grown into year-round programing and services for Black students and families. SEI is a pillar of the North Portland community, (a Black neighborhood that was once left behind by the city and is now being rapidly gentrified), providing resources, education and social services to those in need. “Working with schools, families, and partner community organizations, SEI provides support, guidance, and opportunities to achieve personal and academic success.” Get involved, here!

B+A Bye…

We have a special birthday in the house today! It’s Giulia’s! If you drop her a bday message at [email protected] i’m sure she’d love it 🙂

Stay hydrated,
Robi and Team B+A