Inclusivity, Saving Live Music + an Office Supply Giveaway. (B+A Bulletin #277)

Inclusivity, Saving Live Music + an Office Supply Giveaway. (B+A Bulletin #277)

B+A Breaking

Bon journée, old pal!

SO pleased to have you with us today. Luke here, live/direct from B+A London, welcoming you with a virtual embrace and big grin.

A new month means we’ve had a chance to swoon over LitHub’s review of February’s best book covers. Less about the books, more about the book as an art form. Go ahead. Judge a book by its cover!

Ok ok ok. Bulletin #277, here’s the actual thing.

B+A Brilliance

Big tricky Q: How do you design for inclusivity and belonging? Well, our friends and former housemates over at Idean have been working on a tool to help, in the form of the Universal Score. It’s a set of 20 questions – covering belonging, mental wellbeing, physical needs, neurodiversity and putting people first – to mark yourself against whenever you’re designing, building or launching something new. Then your final score comes with a set of practical recommendations for dialling up your inclusivity. 

Complex question. One simple solution. Nice.

B+A Books etc.

Giulia wants to know… does it live up to the hype? Ben thinks it’s a little too conspiraceeee, Mary is still processing, Tamika is pissed, and Alison is astounded. What are we talking about? The BBC documentary series Can’t Get You Out of My Head created by Adam Curtis. It’s a living tale of “how we got here”, weaving through colonialism, communism, Reaganism, feminism, and big big data. Through collaged footage from history, powerful music, and a reliable narrator, the 6-part series is trying to connect ALL the dots. So, what do you think?

B+A Babble

Wanna upgrade that home office you’re living in? Arcadia Group are currently hosting a digital auction to sell off their office supplies! Hot ticket items? Canon Mark IVs going for less than £600. Lights, lenses, TVs and computer monitors. Might not find your typical home “office” set-up here, but hey, haven’t you been wanting to get your career as an influencer off the ground?

B+A Big Up

One for the London-based bulletinees now. Down in beautiful SE London is one of the weirdest and best of the capital’s green spaces in the form of Crystal Palace Park. And right now they’re on a mission to relaunch their once-iconic live music venue, that has over its 60 year history hosted the likes of Bob Marley, Gil Scot Heron and Jimmy Cliff (pictured above). Crystal Palace Bowl is fundraising right now – check out their campaign here and pitch in to support. Because live music WILL be a thing again.
Image © Masataka Ishida

B+A Bye…

So much good out there to celebrate – even while we’re still locked away in here. 

And what about you? Do you know anyone or anything or anyhow that you want to be part of next week’s Bulletin? If so, we really wanna know…so please hit us up!

Luke + Team B+A