Inside Insights. (B+A Bulletin #264)

Inside Insights. (B+A Bulletin #264)

B+A Breaking

Ah, don’t you just piiiine for a life lived exploring the real world again?

This snap, taken by Giulia outside Tate Britain in celebration of Diwali, is giving B+A London all the feels – lusting after IRL culture, decadence and shared physical experience.

But still, we move…

The happiest Diwali to those celebrating last weekend. Now let’s snuggle into Bulletin #264 – all the good stuff, from the inside looking optimistically out.

B+A Brilliance

In September we partnered with the srsly energising Outrunners as part of our Outreach initiative, supporting the team to further carve out its narrative, unique vision and values. And so it was a real delight to hear Tyler Williams-Green, Outrunners CEO and Founder, talk about the vast work that the charity does on a recent edition of one of our fave podcasts, Adrienne Herbert’s The Power Hour. (Episode here).

Praise be that Tyler followed his feet to create a true force for good that works with and for local people in Hackney. Big love to The Outrunners crew – we can’t wait to see what’s waiting for you around the next bend.

B+A Babble

All this indoor living has made life tough for most of us – but surely the greatest tragedy of all has been the challenge faced by our beloved content creators. One phoenix rising from the ashes is the brilliant, deadpan Cazzie David (if you don’t recognise the name, you might know her dad). Cazzie has released a short comedy series, r u mad at me, on her Instagram, delivered entirely via Memoji and from her apartment – poking with painful sharpness at Covid, dating and, um, people who create content during lockdown. You know you wanna.

B+A Big Up

Charlie Dark is a name that keener readers will have seen enjoying his quota of Bulletin love over the years. Charlie is best known as the powerhouse energy behind RunDemCrew, and more recently has co-MC’d B+A’s Accidental Powercut events and lent his hand on Samsung’s Not a School programme.

Well, he’s at it again – this time delivering the vibes to counter aaaaall the 2020 energy with RunDemRadio. It’s a community radio station, launched just last weekend, bringing unheard voices to the airwaves. Live on Saturdays, or you can lock into all the mixes here.

B+A Books etc

We’re stoked to be partnering with A New Direction and Brent Borough of Culture 2020 this December to create a book that will share reflections on the year and celebrate how we’ve stayed creative amongst adversity. The December 1st online event will bring together educators that teach across Brent to co-author a BookInanHour™, in true B+A Style – which means, yep, we’ll be in and out in just an hour.

If you’re an educator for early years, primary or secondary that works in Brent, we’d love to have you join. And please share with anyone you know who fits the bill – you / they can register for a ticket here!

B+A Bye…

Ok ok, turns out there’s fun to be had at home too.

But in all this indoor/outdoor chat, why be so binary? After all, everything is a spectrum…

Luke and Team B+A