Learnings, Conversations, and Jeff Bezos??? ?(B+A Bulletin #274)

Learnings, Conversations, and Jeff Bezos??? ?(B+A Bulletin #274)

B+A Breaking

Ever wonder what we look like when we’re learning? Here we are, captured while totally enthralled and listening intently. Why? Jesse Hirsh did us the pleasure of coming to Balance this Monday. And phew. He had us! His enthusiasm for education and the future (and the future of education) is infectious. He’s a nerd and a self-professed addict of learning. You can catch him streaming his daily MetaNews show on Twitch, and find his talks and think-bombs all across the web. Happy learning, fellow knowledge producers! 

Now what do you look like learning? Bulletin 274 here to test out that think face. 

B+A Big Up

The A to our B+ has found his way into the media several times lately! One exciting feature for Missingham is an interview on BBC World Service Radio. And look, i’m not gonna ruin the pleasure of your listening, (skip to 11.24 for the interview) but Jeff Bezos is involved. What do you think of think of the big Bezos? Do you agree with Andrew’s recipe, luck and focus? What’s next for philanthropy? Write me back, if you care… 

B+A Books etc.

By now you know Claudia Rankine for her book, Citizen: An American Lyric. (Okay, you’re not American, but it’s a must-read nonetheless). A few months ago Rankine’s newest book, “Just Us: An American Conversation” was published. The poet meditates on the conversations that have made up her world during the Trump era; she asks white men about their privilege, and gives them a chance to respond to her writing, and documents other kinds of “difficult” dialogues. You can listen to Rankine speak about the book, and other issues concerning our times, on episode 409 of Longform Podcast

B+A Brilliance

From face-mask to concrete. But how? You’ve probably wondered, and then stopped yourself from wondering too hard, about where all these single-use face masks are going. According to a study published in the scientific journal Science of the Total Environment, RMIT University in Melbourne might’ve landed something. They’ve developed a mask shredding method that combines masks with cement for roads. And according to the study the masks improve the strength and durability of the roads. Plastic doesn’t degrade easily (duh) and with 6.8 billion masks being thrown away each day, there’s a lot of potential for strength there.. 

B+A Babble

Another riddle for you. What do Minecraft and sustainability have in common? (Honestly, probably a ton). But i’m sneaking in another hot sustainability nugget here to tell you all about how Microsoft put their 2020 Sustainability Report into a Minecraft map… Meaning? You can log on to the game via your computer or your X-box and walk around the map, learning about sustainability as you play. There’s even a Minecraft: Education Edition  where teachers can download lessons specific to students particular areas of enthusiasm. Video-games as education? Yea right…. 

B+A Bye…

Still got your learning face on, or did I lose you?

I know sometimes it can appear harder than ever to be inspired or feel the zesty shakes of creativity, but we’re here sending these nuggets your way to remind you there’s still lots of cool sh*t happening! 

And spring will be here soon. So if nothing else, we can count on biologically feeling more abuzz. 

Love and learnings,
Robi + Team B+A