Marshmallow Laser Feast, Dying in the Anthropocene, Adobe Creative Thinkers & André’s Story (B+A Bulletin #186).

Marshmallow Laser Feast, Dying in the Anthropocene, Adobe Creative Thinkers & André’s Story (B+A Bulletin #186).

B+A Breaking

Hey Bullettees, Happy May Day 🚨

For y’all outside the UK, May Day is a weird one. Until pretty recently, dancing in costume round a big multicoloured stick each 1st May was a thing that all English children actually had to do in school. Some still do. Lol?

Aaaanyway. Much more palatable is this flick of Ade and André in matching mustard jumpers. (We’ve got more up our sleeves from André later too).

It’s all here, in Bulletin #186.

B+A Brilliance

As names for artist collectives go, Marshmallow Laser Feast has got to be amongst the dopest. And on the advice of Tricia Austin (she of Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins), a mini B+A cohort went to check out their latest installation at the Saatchi Gallery last week.

The name didn’t disappoint. I mean – breathing glitter, seeing your blood pump, and getting lost in a cosmic multicoloured VR redwood forest. That’ll do just fine.

Chop chop though, it’s closing this weekend !

B+A Books etc.

The second salute of this Bulletin goes out to big time B+A comrade Sandra Schembri, CEO of the House of St Barnabas. Anyone who sends us unprompted books in the post deserves a shout out, but when Sandra is in charge of the recco you know it’s REALLY gonna be a goodun. Love you and thank you.

B+A Big Up

Big up the dreamers (Almass). Big up the thinkers (Elliot). The producers (Nic) and the visionaries (Andrew). But most of all, big up Adobe for pandering to societies’ infatuation with self-identification, via this totally unquantified, but very beautiful so who cares, creative personality test.

Brands are for cattle right? But also, Adobe brand me plzzz (and do it with texturally satisfying pastel animations while you’re at it).

B+A Babble

Time once again for your regular injection of that good B+A mp4 content. You know the drill by now: these videos, created by our storyteller Almass, are a chance for you to get to know the wonderful people behind the projects, one at a time. And by reading the Bulletin, you’re getting it before anyone else.

Today, we’re celebrating a real one. Grab some popcorn, and let him tell his story…

B+A Bye…

Hokay, we’re out of time. But dw, we got looooads more for you – just tune in next week.

Same time. Same place. No maypoles, all mustard.

Team B+A