Museum of Homelessness, Dog Section Press, Tuning Into Change v2.0 & B+A on Gaming (B+A Bulletin #175)

Museum of Homelessness, Dog Section Press, Tuning Into Change v2.0 & B+A on Gaming (B+A Bulletin #175)

B+A Breaking

If you can hear me say ‘Shhh’…

The above snap ^ by Theodorah Ndlovu is from our inaugural Accidental Power Cut, hosted in the sublime chapel at the House of St Barnabas. That’s our Adesuwa in full compèring action, with Charlie Dark, introducing a set of extraordinary musicians, all raw and unplugged. Thanks to everyone who came down.

And yes, you heard right – it was inaugural, so you can bet there’s more where that came from (27th Feb, to be precise). But until then you’ll have to get your strongest B+A hit right here, with Bulletin #175…

B+A Brilliance

“F*cking wake up. It’s simple.” So begins the advice of a founder member of the Museum of Homelessness, the first and only collector slash exhibitor of the art, history and culture of homelessness in the UK.

Rough sleeping has gone up 169% nationally since 2010, and the MoH are exploring new solutions to this crisis through empowerment and storytelling. Have a gander at the mini-doc above, made as part of their Objectified season in Manchester, and plug into a new way of responding to homelessness.

B+A Books etc.

Many happy and iconoclastic returns to Dog Section Press, not-for-profit publisher of seditious literature, who celebrated their first birthday this week.

Alongside some very brilliant and subversive literature (including a how-to guide to Subvertising), Dog Section’s main output comes in the form of anarchist zine DOPE – distributed for free to the homeless and those in prison, and only £3 otherwise.

Luke was there at the birthday party, and also helping to blow out the candles was the formidable East London Strippers Collective – need any more reasons to click a link ?

B+A Big Up

Last year a whole lot of young people from the UK and LA wrote a youth manifesto for the arts, with a small amount of help from us. Now, a collective from that same group are curating their own interactive event at the Barbican, absolutely nothing to do with us. It’s taking place on 23 Feb, and part of OpenFest: Art 50.

These guys mean business. What have we created…

B+A Babble

Gaming matters – like, a lot. B+A’ve been doing some digging into the big world of gaming and esports, from a visit to London’s first esports pub to Korean ‘Luxury PC Cafes’ – via a queer history of video gaming in Berlin.

Gone are the days of the hermit gamer festering in his mum’s basement (if he ever actually existed). The future’s a bright and beautiful 4D gaming map, ready to explore – holla @ and hear Nicola get her Babble on.

! B+A Bonus !

Quick shout out to VSCO for hosting a knarly creative workshop this afternoon for their users. We got our hands dirty experimenting with paint, glue, varnish, and glitter – here’s Alex’s mighty fine handiwork above.

But who’s Alex, you ask? Come back next week and we’ll let you know…

B+A Bye…

Ok, that’s B+A over and out. Hope you liked what you read guys.

But it’s all cool – if you hate the Bulletin, we can take it: as of yesterday we’re all embodying Joe Root, the don of classily reflecting back offence.

Team B+A