NBA Africa, Birmingham Opera Company, Berlin’s Riverside Studios & MagLev (B+A Bulletin #180)

NBA Africa, Birmingham Opera Company, Berlin’s Riverside Studios & MagLev (B+A Bulletin #180)

B+A Breaking

So – being Bespoke + Accelerated is most definitely a lifestyle. And that means you gotta have moments of calm to keep it up on the daily. Thank you to Nicola, and to Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel for together providing the necessary serenity for this week’s Bulletin. Zen. A. F.

We might be up to number one eighty, but as ever, you know we’re keeping it one hundred. Let’s go, shall we?

B+A Brilliance

Opera is expensive to make. Like hella expensive. And often it feels pretty questionable that we bother funding an art form that’s so exclusive, inaccessible and denied to so many people. (Worth mentioning before we go on that this opinion is coming direct from someone who knows and cares about classical music).

So serious props go out to Birmingham Opera Company, for fully re-upping our faith in the art form. They train local people from scratch to perform as chorus and actors, performing mad and wild interpretations of opera works. It’s classical music targeted at communities who don’t feel they have access to it – fine, but more importantly they set out to smash opera’s unhealthy pedestal.

Sometimes you gotta destroy to create.

B+A Books etc.

Books are cool and all but sometimes it’s better to explore and learn experientially right!? Alex and Tamika went to NBA Africa in Johannesburg on the day that YouTube launched this game changer.

B+A Big Up

Riverside Studios in Berlin is a utopian collective of DJs, producers and electronic musicians – so it’s a pretty sweet spot to host a workshop if you want to be side by side with some hefty techno royalty. But it’s Ima, the post-punk powerhouse who runs the show, that we’re bigging up this week for taking care of us like one of her own.

And if you’re in the area, you’re gonna want Ima’s top techno recco. Yep, it’s in the battery room of a disused power plant.

B+A Babble

So Andrew introduced me to something pretty mad the other day. Apols in advance if I’m last to the party here, because it ain’t new, but let’s chat for a hot minute about MagLev.

MagLev is a method of train travel that uses opposed magnets to provoke motion. So far, kinda cool. But even cooler is the Lev part, which stands for Levitation. That’s right. We’re talking about a magnetic train that floats above the railway line. And did I mention that it’s really really fast? Shanghai’s MagLev train gets you from Pudong International Airport to the city centre – a total of 19km – in just 7 little minutes. That’s 430km/hr.

Who knew? Fingers crossed not everyone but me…

B+A Bye…

One last data hit before we depart: check out this infogram, showing shifts in brand values since 2000 – but more thought-provokingly, maybe also changes in global wealth distribution…a ponderer for sure.

Team B+A