On humankind, and being kind. (B+A Bulletin #234)

On humankind, and being kind. (B+A Bulletin #234)

B+A Breaking

Hullo to you, Bulletin readership…

We’re truly in the thick of it now, amirite? Each day an emotional lucky dip, our perception of human connection morphing with each digital interaction…

We all know it’s tough out there (or, in here). But for all its trauma, the current crisis is unlocking new experiences and ways of thinking for all of us. Just check out these neo-impressionist masterpieces by ~yours truly~, a man who hadn’t picked up a paintbrush for 15+ years !

But enough about me (sigh). Let’s share in new perspectives, and reflect on humanity.Sounds like Bulletin #234 calling…

B+A Books+

Kicking off with this calm and gentle article On Confinement from The School of Life, who got the ball rolling on today’s reflective Bulletin flex. The piece interrogates a pretty fundamental B+A belief: that exploration is a necessary component for developing new ideas. Instead, they propose that our current confinement can unlock an explorative mindset – something our easy access to newness normally keeps tragically under wraps. In this mindset, we can revisit our rich library of past experiences, or indulge in the detail of our immediate surroundings. Enough bastardisation from us though – better read the thing yourself.

B+A Babble

‘Fraid this one’s for the UK crew only. With so many food suppliers losing their commercial clients due to restaurant closures, there’s a bumper haul of home-grown products up for grabs across the country. Farmstofeedus was super quick off the mark to coordinate who’s got what and where, and now hosts a live Google doc, updated daily, highlighting independent and regenerative farming projects – all ready to deliver the goods. It’s even got volunteer opportunities for those up for getting their hands dirty. Practical solutions in a crisis: we’re here for it.

B+A Big Up I

One of the most uplifting effects of lockdown has been the consistent, explicit appreciation of our key workers. From healthcare staff to delivery drivers, waste management to caterers, we’ve been applauding those that keep us healthy, fed and watered. About time. 

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve been keeping in close contact with Laura, a domestic violence case worker for Solace Women’s Aid and close pal of B+A. Through her vital work, we’ve had an insight into how the pandemic is impacting specifically on those experiencing the realities of sexual and domestic violence, the majority of whom are women. For them, home isn’t the safe space it should be. 

So this is a just a moment to big up the sexual and domestic violence community, and the work women are doing to protect other women. If you want to support them, it’s easy – just check the link.

B+A Big Up II

Following some recent internal chatterboxing, we’ve decided it’s high time we started shouting out our global network of amazing fixers. Joining hands with people all over the world, startin’ a love train, etc etc… 

Think of our fixers as an extension to the B+A fam. They’re the people we trust to simply help us get sh*t done in places we ain’t. Kicking off with the wonderful Michelle Marques… a whiz of an NYC fixer who recently helped us bring together a chunky number of individuals for a fitness platform project we were working on. And when she’s not busy flying the B+A flag, she’s keeping it on lock as a PT and nutritionist – so holla Michelle with your fitness needs this lockdown!

B+A Bye…

Yep, there’s a lot of innovation, generosity and spirit out here still. Here’s to the ones thinking differently.

Luke and Team B+A

PS. you really thought we were gonna leave the fitness reference so fleeting? Leave it out! Here’s a short sharp 20 min HIIT from Nicola if home exercise is a new lockdown experience for ya:

5 burpees
10 squats
10 squat jumps
20 mountain climbers
20 sit ups 
Finish with:
1 minute plank hold
1 minute glute bridge hold

Repeat 5 times. NRG ♾️.