One Thing. (B+A Bulletin #262)

One Thing. (B+A Bulletin #262)

B+A Breaking

Disclaimer: This Bulletin was crafted before any votes started getting counted. Before any decisions have been made, or any results declared.

So, without knowing what these results are gonna look like, we wanted simply to share in a moment of 2020 reflection.


So. Bulletin #262. No news, just some musings from Team B+A on a fav workshop question of ours…

If this year has taught me one thing…

In a year that just won’t quit, and a week of political (US) and physical (UK) upheaval, we decided we needed a chance to reflect, share and learn – by asking each other to finish this sentence:

“If this year has taught me one thing that I don’t think others have noticed…

but we’d all benefit from knowing…

it would be that…”

…Talking to yourself out loud, hearing yourself speak, really helps you process. 

…Natural conversations on Zoom are hard. Change your surroundings for different kinds of conversations.

…Time really is our own.
-Katy (Bulletin #263 Spoiler Alert)

…Your most versatile tool is humility.

…’Ego’ is just a pronoun.

YouTube dance routines are legit amazing.

…Ask yourself: are you just going through the motions?

…We now live in a time when the original promise of cyberspace might just be possible…

…Know your community, how it activates, and how you can contribute to it.

…Your space matters.

…Reality is not real.

…Be careful what you let in.

…You can thrive if you can trust in your resilience and free your imagination.

B+A Bye…

Hope one or two of those nuggets help you weather the storm. 

Catch ya next time (where we’ll be back to regular programming, promise).

Luke and Team B+A