Outreach. (B+A Bulletin #245)

Outreach. (B+A Bulletin #245)

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Hi all you Bulletin readers!

This week’s a special edition of the Bulletin, and are letting you in on some projects we’ve been working on known as B+A Outreach. B+A’s Vision, to create a world of cultural, charitable and profitable enterprise, is only realised if we work together with others who share our ethos (like you, reader!). So, we’ve been looking around at the people near us and asking ourselves whom are we best placed to help out

What is B+A Outreach?

We launched B+A Outreach in March 2020 to show up and support those adversely affected by Covid-19. Instead of defaulting to financial aid, we use our skills as Problem Solvers for a short intervention that is designed to have a long-term impact.

B+A Outreach is our commitment as a team to support one organisation or individual every month by donating our time, tools and when appropriate, funds. This Bulletin is a dedicated to highlighting those orgs we’ve worked with during our first quarter of Outreach.

Badu Sports

Badu Sports is a wellspring of sporting talent and a vital community resource in Hackney, East London. In addition to a financial contribution, B+A worked with Badu Sports to craft a project that would best serve them. We commissioned four young team members from Badu Sports to make self-shot Snapshot films (B+A’s version of a “video diary”) exploring the impact of Covid-19 on their communities and the changes they’ve experienced in their daily lives. The contributors had the opportunity to work, respond to a brief and learn new storytelling skills. Listen to Ramon above talk about how he’s staying active during these potentially stagnant times.

Courts for Kids

Courts for Kids is a Portland-based non-profit that transforms lives through cultural exchange by building athletic fields and community spaces with under served world communities. Somewhat of a daunting task, eh? But we know, courts bring communities together!

Like B+A, Courts for Kids believes that the best way to experience the world is to get out into it. And since Covid has changed how both of us work, B+A designed and facilitated conversations between us and Courts for Kids. It was difficult at times to hear how Courts for Kids is struggling, with projects being paused in communities who were waiting for them, but we know their mission is strong and they’ll come back with even more passion than before once they can begin breaking ground again.

 “…the lack of movement caused by Covid-19 has forced us to put [everything] on an indefinite pause… B+A would be a great partner to learn from and collaborate with because of their expertise with working with large, urban communities and willingness to pivot quickly. They can help us understand how we can adapt our skills to a new environment while still keeping our strong culture and mission.” –  Derek Nesland, the founder of Courts for Kids

Global Girl Media

Global Girl Media UK entered our world via our London Outlier Joseph as his sister, Dami, is their Programme Manager. The charity is an international organisation with multiple in-country chapters, aiming to empower young women, especially those from disadvantaged and underserved communities, through digital media training.

20 Global Girls from 7 different countries joined 3 Problem Solvers from B+A London to learn about the work we do, from how to research good stories, how to develop briefs, and how to produce events. Dami spent time 1:1 with Ben to work on her personal and professional goals, and received support from Andrew and Giulia to use the Business Model Canvas to better understand what GGM UK’s USP is, and how to ensure the charity works towards financial sustainability.

“COVID19 has made it painfully clear that as a small media charity, we must revisit our organisational strategy and our route to financial sustainability. However being a small charity, it means we lack the resources to be able to hire professional consultants to support us in reaching our goals. Partnering with B+A means that we are able to capitalise on their knowledge and expertise in a way we wouldn’t have been able to prior to this partnership.” – Dami Omole, GGM UK

We can’t wait to see where Dami and GGM UK go this next year, because we’re sure going to be listening.

B+A Bye…

So who’s next? Got any ideas?

Whether in the UK or the US, we’d love to hear your thoughts on orgs you think could use our skills. As always, if you’ve got an idea or even just thoughts on what you’ve read today, send myself or Luke an email.

In the words of Nicola, “keep doing good things.”

Robi and Team B+A

Ade and Alex will be doing an Instagram live next week with the founder of thy.self! Check it Monday 13th July, 12pm – 1pm BST on IG @bandaequals @thy.self