Outreach II. (B+A Bulletin #261)

Outreach II. (B+A Bulletin #261)

B+A Breaking

Here we are: it’s Wednesday morning/afternoon/night, and we get to spend the next couple of minutes together – learning, sharing, growing.

Maybe life ain’t so bad after all.

And, even better, today’s agenda is full of the good stuff. Today, we’ll be talking exclusively about B+A’s Outreach work from the past coupla months.

For any who need a refresher (hey there new readership pals), Outreach projects are how we nourish the B+A ecosystem. Formed in the wake of Covid-19, each month we work with a different partner who aligns with our vision of creating a world of cultural, charitable, profitable enterprise. In this deliberately short intervention, we share knowledge, skills and tools, with the intention of creating impact that’ll last way beyond our involvement.

And in this deliberately short Bulletin, we tell you all about the magic these partners are creating. They’re all straight up heroes. 

Bulletin #261, we’ve got a good feeling about you…

Urban Development

UD is a London-based music organisation, constituted as a charity, which supports Black and culturally diverse talent at the moment they need it most. 

Through the music that inspires them, UD has been providing opportunities for young, talented Black and culturally diverse Londoners to aspire and achieve for nearly 20 years. 

Elliot and Andrew worked for 30+ hours with UD to help them develop an updated brand house, a new case for investment for them and sponsorship opportunities. Boom.

Self Enhancement Inc.

Self Enhancement Inc was founded in 1981 by Tony Hopkins as a basketball camp for young, black men. Mr Hopkins and the leaders of Portland’s black community saw that the youth in their city needed space and mentors to help guide them towards individual and collective success. 

What began as a summer camp turned into after school programs, a wide range of family services and holds the reputation as being The organization in Portland by and for the black community.

Across 30 hours, Tamika and Robi dug into the perception of Self Enhancement Inc in the world around them – both the local community, and their own internal stakeholders. Research. Insights. The juice.

The Outrunners

The Outrunners was founded in 2015 by Tyler Williams-Green. They are a grassroots organisation founded on a simple insight – Hackney, London, is home to many young-professionals, yet Tyler also noticed there was an appetite from this group to get involved and give back to their local community. 

The Outrunners connects their runners with young people with the overall aim of engaging youth in activities that create positive outcomes. These activities break down social barriers, providing connections between the two groups — from fitness to career opportunities. Running members are encouraged to use their diverse skills and professional experience to benefit young people in their community.Giulia, Nicola and Mo dedicated 33 hours of time to supporting Tyler in the creation of a new vision, mission and values to set The Outrunners up for an ambitious future. 

B+A Bye…

Yep, there’s a hella lotta good to found out there for sure.

And just one last thought for the road.

Do you know someone we oughta bring into the Outreach conversation? A changemaking organisation/individual, who could benefit from some B+A goodness? Our DMs, as ever, remain open…

Luke and Team B+A