Peace + Progress. (B+A Bulletin #244)

Peace + Progress. (B+A Bulletin #244)

B+A Breaking

Hello – but also, farewell…

…as we wave off Joseph, B+A LDN Outlier. Big J, it’s been a wild, extended ride. We said it all already – but one more time for good measure: keep shining, and stay TF in touch.

Bulletin #244. We outchea.

B+A Brilliance

Online course registration has gone up 500% during lockdown. Seems a lil bit of social isolation isn’t going to get in the way of our schooling. As B+A gets all MOOC-y (watch this space…), we shout out Alex Fefegha, who got there way before us. Alex’s free course on FutureLearn, How to Build a Feminist Chatbot, is all about countering bias and discriminatory behaviour when designing new AI technologies. In just 4 weeks // 2 hours per week. Join the online ranks.

B+A Babble

As the world creeps/stumbles into post-covid normality, the discourse around Progress is feeling more pertinent than ever. As was pointed out to us recently, the idea of going ‘back to normal’ is by definition regressive – and yet some of those C-suite lockdown visionaries are looking a liiiiittle quiet right now. 

So how do purpose-driven organisations communicate their values – in a world facing regression head-on, as the world opens up, and algorithms try their best to forget that #BlackLivesMatter? It’s a biggie for sure. Cohere Partners are organising a series of open-invitation roundtable sessions exploring just this question. Gotta be worth a click, right?

B+A Books

A few weeks back we all came together to chat about Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino. It was an instant B+A Book Club Classic. Now, we’re all signing up to hear from the woman herself at this In Conversation event on 23rd July. Jia’s narrative stance, on equality, the internet, and modern society, feels more uncomfortably poignant and necessary today than ever. Come with us and stan!

B+A Big Up

Playground of the Mind is a mental wellbeing practice founded by Paris Macgarr. Paris joined B+A this week (we are not worthy!) for a gentle whistlestop through hypnotherapy, exploring techniques to prevent stress and anxiety and promote wellness. 

Bc we all know the world is a lot right now. And the more tools in your belt, the better you can take it on. You can catch Paris on her Instagram here. She is literally the loveliest person. Case In Point. Amirite?

B+A Bye…

Whole lotta rich content today. Breathe deep, you made it. 

You are worthy.

Luke and Team B+A

PS in case there’s any white people in your life who still need help identifying their privilege – this video (Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man) could be a useful resource.