Pivot + Celebrate. (B+A Bulletin #253)

Pivot + Celebrate. (B+A Bulletin #253)

B+A Breaking

Come through, come through…

…and join us in celebration. For things that have been, and things that keep on keeping on, pivoting against aaall the odds. We see you.

The London team woulda been at Carnival last weekend in any other circumstances. But we pivot, celebrating in different ways. Like by exploring the spirit and significance of Carnival within Black history in Britain – with the help of this brand new zine from the brilliant crew at The Black Curriculum.

Yep, we think there’s always a way to mark the occasion. Don’t you?

B+A Brilliance I

How do you celebrate a life? A life that despite its relative brevity has had an immeasurable impact on a generation of kids + adults? We can’t do justice to Chadwick Boseman’s achievements here, nor begin to comprehend our societal loss at his death, but we can pay tribute to someone who struggled and overcame in ways that will mean he is never forgotten. A real life superhero + beacon of hope. #WakandaForever. 

B+A Brilliance II

One more homage, because it’s been a big couple of weeks. Last month saw the death of Sir Ken Robinson, visionary speaker/thinker in the realm of education + creativity. His wisdom has guided B+A thinking on both an individual and structural level since day dot. Here he is in one of Andrew’s favourite talks, on championing discovery (which, by the way, resonates with Andrew’s own piece for the New Statesman from way back in 2004, on the value of classical music).

B+A Big Up?

A tentative Big Up, as we mark BP’s seemingly pivotal public acknowledgement of the global climate crisis. In policy terms this means a dramatic 40% reduction of oil and gas production and huge investment in renewable energy technology. It’s the first time a major oil company has ever committed to keeping oil in the ground – and, while everyone’s eyes will be on meeting their targets, in the meantime ain’t that a thing worth celebrating?

B+A Babble

A teaser. Because we’ve got exciting news to come next week. Here’s an interview between artist Arthur Jafa and Carrie Scott – it’s warm, rich, and human, and a favoured source of inspiration for a particular individual. Til next time, reader…

B+A Bye…

Celebrate. Tribute. Commemorate. There’s a lot to be grateful for.

Luke and Team B+A