Plantain Papers #2, B+A Ben on Film, The Values of Idean UK, Crest Hardware Store & IP Advice (B+A Bulletin #182)

Plantain Papers #2, B+A Ben on Film, The Values of Idean UK, Crest Hardware Store & IP Advice (B+A Bulletin #182)

B+A Breaking

This one’s super important guys. If you’ve had a good idea, you’ve gotta claim that IP as your own.

It’s a little bit complicated, so give us a shout if you want a hand (on us), we’re pros. And on the plus side, getting your trademark on is also a swell way to remind yourself just how varied the smorgasbord of activity is that your fellow entrepreneurs are up to.

But we’ve got so much to talk about, why wait? Bulletin #182, at your service…

B+A Brilliance

Last year we did the Culture Dividend™ thing with the service design masters that are Idean UK. During a time of rapid change we supported them in keeping it 100 by helping them craft a bold new vision and 5 shared values.

And now they’ve batted it out the park again by screenprinting a set of beautiful designs for each value, and adorning their office walls with them. Proud doesn’t even come close.

B+A Books etc.

Plantain Papers have been busy these past few months frying up their much-anticipated Issue #2, due for release next month. The issue centres on stories of strength, healing, connection and deliciousness, with storytellers hailing from Puerto Rico, to South Central LA, to London, and beyond.

Help them make this special and important thing happen. There’s a kickstarter ft. some very cool merch.

B+A Big Up

And this from Tamika, as she prepared for a few days fully off grid, somewhere outside NYC…

Crest Hardware Store and Urban Garden Centre has been in current proprietor Joe’s family since 1962. An oasis of calm in the middle of Brooklyn. Joe is the heart of the community, bringing nature to the people because he believes in the cyclical relationship between us and the earth: take care of it as much as it takes care of you innit.

B+A Babble

Now it’s time for something we’re REALLY proud of. Courtesy of the hard work and energy of our very own Almass, a legit genius at the helm, over the coming weeks we’re gonna be sharing videos of the B+A team with you. Get to know the people behind the work. Grab an artisan flat white, and start off by saying hey to Best Boss Ben.

We’ll add a new video to our Insta every other Friday, but because you guys are our faves, you’ll always get the good stuff here first.

B+A Bye…

Lastly, a big shout out to Zezi, Phil, Max, Julian, Nikita, Celine, Lucile, Bernardo, Ain, Paul, Anna, Mahadi, Emma, Jason, Sharon, Cole, Michelle, Yvonne and anyone else who’s joined us here after Accidental Powercut™ last week. You’ll be first to know about our next one…

Love, always
Team B+A