Premiere: Killing Eve, Launch: Plantain Papers II, Talking: Money & Storytelling: the Dangers (B+A Bulletin #188)

Premiere: Killing Eve, Launch: Plantain Papers II, Talking: Money & Storytelling: the Dangers (B+A Bulletin #188)

B+A Breaking

From B+A to the world, etc etc…

We’re an international bunch, but that doesn’t stop us gathering round together for a cross-continental huddle slash sharing sesh. Here’s Nicola and Luke repping PDX and LDN to a room full of B+A teamies (not pictured). Time zones? Nah mate, a social construct.

We’re creeping ever nearer to a nice round number, but for now, here’s Bulletin #188…

B+A Brilliance

Our Alex was lucky enough to swing a seat to the premiere of Killing Eve Season 2 – no photos please! (save this surreptitious shot from the hip, obv).

In the midst of the drinks, canapés and talented cast and crew, she got to be the first to watch the first two episodes, and confirmed that it’s as dark and macabre as season 1 – coupled with a new level of sheer comic brilliance that leaves you reeling.

Now just to wait a month to box-set it up in her PJs at home. Gutted.

B+A Books etc.

Our education system doesn’t teach us anywhere near enough about money and finance. Fact. (We’ve got theories for days bout this, if you’re interested). Luckily though, we’ve got Adesuwa, who’s been quietly learning from Laura Whateley’s smartly-positioned millennial tome Money, in house and on hand to get us schooled.

Ade/Laura’s headline? Your personal funds, no matter how big or small, are one of the few genuine opportunities you have for individual autonomy. So taking control of your money – and knowing exactly where it’s invested – really matters.

B+A Big Up

Okay, we’ll admit that we’re a little biased on this one. But even if Tamika wasn’t one of Plantain Papers’ Co-Fryers in Chief, you know we’d still be swooning over it. Issue #2 of the annual journal, whose mission is to connect the diaspora worldwide, celebrated its launch at Peckham Springs last week – where it was pretty damn clear that this is a publication with a delectable future. Cop yours here – and there’s some limited edition merch too while you’re at it.

B+A Babble

At B+A (and along with charities, marketeers, scouts groups and every creative agency), we like a good story. We’ve thought a lot about the Hero’s Journey, John Yorke’s 5 Act Structure, and people falling into holes. And often we use interpretations of these tools in workshops we create and stuff we make.

So it’s been refreshing and intriguing to chat to Daniel Stanley about the risks of these storytelling models. Talking especially about charities, Daniel believes (and we agree) that while storytelling is definitely useful, too often the ‘perfect’ story structure takes precedence over what you’re actually trying to communicate – and dilutes the message in the process. Don’t let the tail wag the dog y’all.

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