Proactivity. (B+A Bulletin #249)

Proactivity. (B+A Bulletin #249)

B+A Breaking

Hello, hullo, hi. 

It’s Tamika. Happy Wednesday, friends. You all look glowing today. 

Here’s a thing : Black Lives Matter may no longer be front + centre within mainstream media.
Here’s another thing : this very phase is when the real work begins…

A few weeks back, it felt as though humanity once again received a sharp, painful and reoccurring insight into why the world needs to care about Black people, as much as it does Black culture. Inspired by our partnership with Badu Sports, B+A reached out to 7 Black athletes to hear their points of view on what brands, companies and people should be thinking, acting on or doing right now. 

Proactivity : Watch + listen to them. Reply to this email with one question this video prompted you to ponder over please. Revolutions start with conversations. Conversations, by their very nature, can’t be 1-sided.

Welcome in. We’ve got both the juice and the sauce for you this week…

B+A Big Up

Claima Stories is a Career Discovery Podcast created by Bimma to ‘help job seekers of color discover their dream careers by offering them exposure to life-altering opportunities.’ 

The PDX team listened to Nuwoe talk with Bimma about how he went from escaping the civil war in Liberia, being surrounded by adversity in Brooklyn to executing plans that elevate the stories of NBA and WNBA All Stars at Nike Basketball. Whew. It is 80 mins long and full of insight. Grab a pen and notebook, for real. Then we had a Zoom with the host himself…

Bimma’s advice to those looking to diversify their teams? “Go the extra mile – a lot of people of color are conditioned that these roles aren’t for them that’s the first hurdle. Everyone has to have some level of commitment for others to feel comfortable, welcome, and included.”

And that’s that on that. 

B+A Brilliance

Whilst social distancing in place, we’ve been thinking a lot about our own neighbourhoods. A vital and open space doesn’t occur naturally…

Growth often comes as a result of a dialogue between past and present : this is especially true in urban planning. Almost every cosmopolitan city is full of men’s names – names that indicate who made history (don’t even get us started on the how).

But, what if London’s streets instead celebrated the city’s great women and gender non-conforming people fighting good fights? Nominate them here

B+A Babble

There’s a creative hub here in Portland – they have a neon sign in their window that asks “Are we closer to finding the truth?” Great question, especially when the ‘truth’ is almost impossible to distill. A philosophical bone to chew over, if you will. A practical one too – how do we understand the world around us + how do we make sure what we’re taking in is reputable? This piece argues that the truth is paywalled but lies are free : “we can’t afford to keep our reach to those who like us so much that they are willing to pay money to listen, because then the free BS wins.” Furthermore, the truth is often made up of truths. Eek. It all adds up in time, cost and brainpower, huh? 

B+A Books

We’re having a B+A Book Club gathering tomorrow in which we’ll discuss Reni’s ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race‘. We’ll report back in the coming weeks, for sure. 

But between now and then you could definitely fit in this 96 page rocket-fuel read. Vivek Shraya, a trans artist, explores how masculinity was imposed on her as a boy and continues to haunt her as a woman. Vivek shows us that when we critically examine something, speaking to its emotional power can definitely be additive.

B+A Bye…

… major props to Robi and Luke for curating and creating gold every Wednesday. They don’t miss! 

Go forth and find some ways to surround yourself with what nourishes you.
You deserve it. 

Tamika and Team B+A