QDOC Portland, Stanning Clinique EBMU, André in Ethiopia, Ageing Britain and ahadadream (B+A Bulletin #187)

QDOC Portland, Stanning Clinique EBMU, André in Ethiopia, Ageing Britain and ahadadream (B+A Bulletin #187)

B+A Breaking

Yareeet guys, enter, enter…

For this week’s B+A Brag (the first of two, I’m afraid) look up ^^^. Yessir, right now our very own André – you’ll remember him from this, ofc – is bringing his words of wisdom in creativity and social change to Addis Ababa’s African Union HQ. If you know anyone he should chew the fat with while he’s out there, plz holla. Nice one.

But before you do, we’ve got lots and lots to tell you, so keep it here for a couple minutes yeah? Bulletin #187, she’s a beauty…

B+A Brilliance

Ok, we promised you one more self-congratulation before we return to our usual humble selves…and this one really counts. Earlier this year B+A teamed up with Clinique to test out their 56-shade Even Better Make Up range with Women of Colour across North America. We documented the journey by creating a series of beautiful and honest videos, starring the real women we met along the way – and this right here is number one.

The sincerest thanks to Neysa, Amy and all involved in this project – one thats super close to our hearts. There’s three more films to come, all dropping on Clinique’s Instagram / YouTube over the coming weeks. So much love.

B+A Books etc.

This might not be much to shout about, but Portland is home to the only festival in the US that’s devoted exclusively to LGBTQ documentaries. It’s called QDOC, and Kelsey was there over the weekend to check out the seriously hefty filmmaking talent.

Her one to watch? Deep in Vogue: a celebration of Manchester’s Vogue Ball scene inspired by 1980’s NYC. Turn it on. Hit play.

B+A Big Up

No one’s in denial that representation is a problem in the music industry. But doing something about it is an overwhelming task. So props to DJ and very lovely guy ahadadream for keeping it alive at the grassroots with No ID, a new London night that spotlights DJs and artists from the South Asian diaspora. He’s only two events deep, so if you wanna be part of the pioneer hype, you better be there for number three.

B+A Babble

Hot tip: it’s worth checking out what the Resolution Foundation are up to for their VERY SWANKY event space alone. Last week Luke was there to hear from journalist Camilla Cavendish (feat. guest appearance from iconic B+A fav Buurtzorg) about how we should forecast for an ageing society: for the digits, check the map.

Our key takeaway? As life expectancy increases, we need to keep delivering opportunities for the ‘young old’ – that’s 50-65ish. It’s at this age that it’s often hardest to re-enter the workforce.

B+A Bye…

Fwoof, lots of heavy content here. The plan was equal parts weighty and energising; hope that came through?

Oh, one last shout out before it’s all over: some of our housemates are throwing a warehouse party! It’s called Janky Batch and promises, amongst music and a generally vibey time, a ‘charcool portraiture’ stand. We’ll see ya there then.

Team B+A