RBG and Emergence. (B+A Bulletin #256)

RBG and Emergence. (B+A Bulletin #256)

B+A Breaking

“I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability.”

Us too, Ruth.

It’s with a heavy and tender heart that we on this side of the pond say goodbye to the honorable RBG this week. The news of her death came as a blow to us all at such a tense and surreal time in our nation’s history.

Robi here, in gratitude for all the downright impossible things that RGB did so that I and the women I love could thrive in a way that wasn’t imaginable before.

B+A Books

Another bad-ass woman who is fighting for the future of us all is Adrianne Marie Brown. You might recognize the author’s name from her most recent book, Pleasure Activism. Brown is a healer, activist, philosopher, and scholar of science fiction; particularly of Octavia Butler. Science Fiction writers like Butler have dreamt worlds for us for decades. What can we learn from them? What can we learn from nature, from indigenous communities, from eachother, when we aren’t fighting over resources? Who teaches us to reconstruct? Join Brown in her investigation. It will rock your world and you’ll become another fan girl, just like me.

Change is constant. The world is in a continual state of flux. It is a stream of ever-mutating, emergent patterns. Rather than steel ourselves against such change, this book invites us to feel, map, assess, and learn from the swirling patterns around us in order to better understand and influence them as they happen.

B+A Babble

We’ve been talking about it for weeks now and the time is finally here! Build The Future, now! The first session kicked off yesterday at lunchtime in NY, with Tamika guiding all of our participants into the future of our wildest dreams. We’ve got two more sessions for you lovely world-makers and change agents: today at 12pm Portland time (happening right now!) and tomorrow at 12pm LDN time. I’ll keep saying it: you don’t want to miss out! Become an author, be in community, and take some juicy B+A methodology back to your team.

B+A Big Up

Missingham is at it again with a new article up on Management Today this week. And who do we have here… Andrew’s mum?! What? You’re interested to know more about the man behind the letter A, aren’t you. Well click on over to Management Today and learn a thing or two about where Andrew comes from. And as ever, get his advice on where we are all going. Spoiler: “Some differences are irreconcilable.”

B+A Brilliance

We are loving what’s going on at WeTransfer right now. They’ve adapted their online platform into an immerse vehicle for art and storytelling.

WEPRESENT : Unexpected stories about creativity.

One piece that particularly sparked interest was an essay by author Sheila Heti. Heti’s first-person voice that rings true in her best-selling books, Motherhood and How Should a Person Be?, thrives in this platform. Despite being behind the screen, our sense of touch is engaged with the authors handwriting as it appears and disappears into the story. I for one am inspired by where digital book-making has the permission to go..

“If you enjoyed this piece, Sheila recommends you now take a look at these posters by some of the world’s greatest artists, a project to raise money for smaller art galleries in the time of Covid. She’d also like to recommend the novel Black Boy by Richard Wright (“one of the most affecting and interesting memoirs I have ever read, published in 1945”) and the Hulu series Pen15, “as absurd as it is touching.”

B+A Bye…

In the words of Mrs Lovett, times is hard. But she had Mr Todd to bring her joy. And we have all of you 🙂

Be encouraged,
Robi and Team B+A